YouKandy does not offer proper geoblocking.

I’ve registered, been verified and tested it. I have also raised the issue with the support on the site and been given a response.

Geo-blocking should (as with most sites) go off IP address ranges, which are unique to different coutries.

However all youkandy does is block registered users of their site based on the country they have said they are from in their profile.

I have tested it and blocked the UK in my geo-block settings. Even when I am not logged into the site I can view my own profile url, click through to the videos I have uploaded etc.

All the geo-blocking on youkandy does is stop someone registered on the site searching for your profile – if they know your user name they just have to add it to the end of the site URL and they will be able to see your profile page.

It is in effect useless and a very cheap option to use on a site, all the other large cam sites block based on IP which stops people who may know your profile URL actually reaching it if their IP is within the country range blocked.

To be honest it is really disappointing and really off-putting.

My question and their response is below:


I have my geographic blocking set up so that it blocks the UK, however I can still access my profile (when not logged in) from a UK IP address. I have tried it on several PCs (different external IPs) and my phone.

URL is:

I’m guessing this isn’t corect, can you advise please?



Our geoblocking goes off what a logged in user has put as their location, not of IP addresses. If you have blocked a location we when do not show you in the search results for that user, or any guest that is yet to log in.

We state on the geoblocking page that users will still be able to reach your page if they have been given the direct link to your profile.

Hope this answers your query,


YouKandy Admin

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