When will you post more pics to your story?

When I feel like it and I’m not driving/sick/otherwise busy.

In non-social media news, I am taking a somewhat spontaneous trip to Iceland next month. I’ll be in Iceland from the end of June until early July. I’m renting a car and driving around Reykjavik and the Golden Circle. I’m going to see some geysers and waterfalls and volcanoes and shit. I’m hoping to masturbate in a hot spring. Maybe they’ll recruit me for my genetic material and you’ll never hear from me again. Also, Air France sends their itineraries in French. What a bunch of assholes. Don’t they know we Americans don’t speak more than one language? (That was a joke.) If you have any recommendations for things to do or see in Iceland, shoot me an email at [email protected]

If you’re already bored, you should stop reading, because I’m going to be even more boring here. I just got back from New Orleans (again) for my trip to Jazzfest. It was not disappointing. I got to see Kermit Ruffins and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, the Dixieland Jazz Band, and several others. I skipped Christina Aguilera; I just couldn’t live with myself if I were able to say I’d attended an Xtina concert. I’d totally do her, though.

If I dont make money how am I gonna pay my bills*… because.. camming isnt a 100% income.. even if youve been making… 30…40..50…60+ an HOUR … for YEARSSS…. you dont know if the next month and next year will be AS good.. I think thats why Im so scared to STAYY into this buisness for a long time.. I do not want to be there the day its gonna go DOWN hill lolll..

Because when I think about it… after every night of work… Im happy.. Im not disgusted with my self… Im like Yayyy Ive made good money just working a few hours

But still everyday.. before I put my makeup on until I click on * Broadcast* I have that hesitation…

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