Video clip feature on Streamate

I have no idea where these videos are suppose to be found. I signed-in to the main SM site using my members account. Only found 1 model online, out of the 20 or so free chat sessions I popped-in on, where there were any videos offered and those were FREE videos posted by the model themself (in beta testing right now).

I checked the first pages of offline models too and there are no paid videos offered. None on the back pages either where the models who don’t use the encoder go. No paid videos offered there either.

Then from Alice’s Twitter profile I popped over her cammodel’s link. There on her cammodel’s page is a tab for ‘My Videos’ which is not seen on any other portal. It doesn’t offer any PAID videos, it just says something like, sign-up for free to watch my videos (although that doesn’t mean the videos are free, just the sign-up is). I have no way to verify, other than signing-up again, to see if there are video clips for sale.

Go check your cammodels link and you’ll see what I mean. It’s posted on every models own portal.

To be clear…..
The ONLY people who make it over to our cammodels page are people we send there, or they stumble across it by accident. I’m wondering if SM has added this ‘sign-up now to see my videos’ display to encourage more guys to sign-up through our link, which would be a very good thing! I’m not saying that IS what’s happening, that that is where this guy paid for the videos, but I’m NOT seeing videos for sale to members anywhere else.

This is all so strange, and vague! I’m totally against the company going into my private sessions and pulling video clips. We should be the ones making those choices, if we even want the service at all. Just the idea of it is disturbing! (and where the hell are they?! Have they been removed from OUR membership accounts, so we can’t see them?

Does anyone else find videos for sale anywhere?
If so, please let us know where.

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