There is no one camsite that is good for all

There is no one camsite that is good for all. So much depends on our style, personality, language…..and the sites are constantly evolving.

I hav been Camming for three years….part time and prob spent a few months before, checking sites. Yes, I made some mistakes with the sites. IMO, SM was much better and more lucrative before the gold shows. LJ was a bomb…screwed up my computer and my ID was compromised. CB seems v. popular but it seems too much nudity for free. MFC also offers too much for free but some girls swear by it and make decent money. Naked can be good but their traffic seems way down.
I think kink liv has potential but not enough customers at present but it is a site I want to try.
And so many others….but so much is up to the individual girl…..and the reason for camming. I cam for the money….pure and simple but if there is a run of girls giving it all away for free…I can’t compete!

So I suggest not be wedded to just one site…..look around. Things can also be so different from one day to the next!

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