the interactive toy shows

This is a great point to be made, also the guys who like the interactive toy shows tend to be small tippers, they want their measly amount of tokens to make you cum. Sure the small amounts can add up if you have multiple guys tipping 1 token at a time but these guys don’t care about you reaching your goal, they want to get you to cum as many times as they can while spending as little as possible. Their potential to become a regular supporter is little to none.

If you do invest in an interactive toy, I would only use it once every 5 or so broadcasts, just so your followers don’t think that’s how you run each of your shows. Or use it only during cum shows (the dildo/vibrator model, not the panties) so that they can enhance the experience by sending extra tips. I’ve watched too many girls practically give “free” public cum shows because they made $3 in single token tips using their interactive toy, for them to appeal to me in the slightest.

I can see how the toys appeal to those who distaste just sitting in their rooms chatting with the custies, it’s definitely an incentive to get the cheapasses to tip the tokens they hold onto like gold even though they’re only worth a few dollars, but I wouldn’t want to solely attract those guys to my broadcasts and have my fan base built from them.

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