Streamate is what I call an “advanced” cam girl site,

Streamate is what I call an “advanced” cam girl site, a model with a huge wardrobe and collection of toys will do better than an unprepared model. A fun, “open minded” personality is almost a must. The days of sitting in free chat hoping for a private with no effort is gone! IMO I find teasing more helps. I’ve even recently gotten into roleplay tho I’m not the best actress and getting more requests than the past and RP guys usually good spenders.

The more you do on streamates, the more you will probably make. I have my limits but I’ll do weird shit any day.

Lastly timing and consistency is important! depending of my mood I work morning (tho I know it may be slow), afternoon (occasionally) and mostly at night.

Looking busy keeps you busy.

I try all times…even tired 3am-4am tho I know that is the lowest traffic according to statistics. Nevertheless, it didn’t go too well for me lol

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