Streamate has offered videos for sale for along time

Streamate has offered videos for sale for along time, it was suppose to be some kind of teaser feature but most models don’t have any videos listed. Some models have cammed for years and never gotten one of these random videos, others cam for a month or 2 and magically get one. Its one of those weird features like the “break button” or “members site plug-in” that you’d never know about unless someone else told you it exsitied.

There’s also the “fan club” you can request that is sold for a money membership fee and you control all videos & photos, you upload (like a mini-sm-membersite)

Now they also have a video beta program, that puts FREE video teasers on model page, I’m guessing that’s what the cammodel link, video tab is. These videos you upload just like your profile photos.

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