Streamate approves the bots.

Streamate approves the bots.
The bots are pornstars or industry models who do the recording for a fee. They’re being recorded using a program called, The oldest bot on Streamate is MadisonQT, who just happens to be the model that CamDecoy has on it’s sales videos.

It could be that the creator of CamDecoy is running the recordings himself with Streamate’s approval, or Streamate runs them themselves. Anywho, Streamate doesn’t care, as long as they’re making money, so don’t waste your time reporting them.

You’ll notice that the older Bots are using the oldest settings that aren’t wide screen. That’s because the CamDecoy program recorded in that old ‘cube’ format, rather than wide screen. Maybe someday they’ll upgrade and start making bot videos in the newer, higher resolution HD format? For the time being though, guys continue not to care what format MadisonQT or any of the other bots are broadcast in. They pay $4.99p/min for a recording, then write reviews gushing-on about how amazing her show is. Pathetic idiots =p

The newest thing I find amusing is that some of the bots will now be playing a music track over the video in free chat. As if she’s listening to the radio. But when she goes to type, there’s no sound of fingers on the keyboard, or other noise for that matter. It’s so hokey!

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