i wonder if all models start using their recorded videos instead of live?

i wonder if all models start using their recorded videos instead of live?
well, why not? its very easy and i think will be very fun.
disable privates and exclusives, record 17-18 mins long video, 10 mins non nude video and then lets say 7-8 mins nude, show close ups and full view, then start gold show, set 10 mins timer, go ahead and turn your mic, play music and talk to guys when u don’t show ur face, after 10 mins is over u start gold show and here u have your 7-8 mins of nude video, again talk to guys when no face, moan and so on. and u can play the same video once in a while mixed with ur live shows, the more videos like that u record, the more often u can play them.
programs like manycam, split cam, webcammax allows u to play recorded video instead of live.
and your webcam work can be very fun

Streamate is what I call an “advanced” cam girl site,

Streamate is what I call an “advanced” cam girl site, a model with a huge wardrobe and collection of toys will do better than an unprepared model. A fun, “open minded” personality is almost a must. The days of sitting in free chat hoping for a private with no effort is gone! IMO I find teasing more helps. I’ve even recently gotten into roleplay tho I’m not the best actress and getting more requests than the past and RP guys usually good spenders.

The more you do on streamates, the more you will probably make. I have my limits but I’ll do weird shit any day.

Lastly timing and consistency is important! depending of my mood I work morning (tho I know it may be slow), afternoon (occasionally) and mostly at night.

Looking busy keeps you busy.

I try all times…even tired 3am-4am tho I know that is the lowest traffic according to statistics. Nevertheless, it didn’t go too well for me lol

My week on Streamate has been disastrous this week

 My week on Streamate has been disastrous this week (and like I wouldn’t want to wish that on anyone else but at the same time I’m glad it’s not just me).

Have you considered niteflirt? Getting set up there is somewhat intimidating (I’m working on it now) and it’s phone sex which isn’t exactly camming but it seems closer to the private show model than tip sites are.

I’ve also worked chaturbate and I know people who’ve made money at it but the money’s never been reliable for me and the crowds suck. I might try it again today just to see if it’s better than streamate’s been this week though. Also I’m gonna try SM again next week just to hope it’s been fixed; last week I made three times as much as I made this week, so maybe this sudden drop will be remedied by an equally sudden rise.

What I really want is to be able to get enough indie regulars that I can count on them to pull me through tough weeks, but that’s not how it’s been.


Camming has become increasingly popular in the adult industry and is expected to grow rapidly. With the most popular cam sites receiving millions of visitors each month and thousands of new models joining every week.

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a cam model on TopGirlsOnCam

As a cam model on TopGirlsOnCam, your percentages can vary from 30% – 60% depending on where you stand in the payment ladder. For further information, you can read the detailed guide on the payment system.

Payment minimum: $100

Payment frequency: Models on TopGirlsOnCam can get paid as frequently as bi-weekly. If they reach the payment limit between the 1st-15th of a given month, they receive their income on the next month’s 10th, but if they reach it between the 16th-31th of a particular month, they

Geo Blocking: Performers have the option to ban guests from certain countries and member from their own region. Some countries cannot be banned however, due to their business significance.

Female Models: Yes

Male Models: No

Couple Models: No

Languages: TopGirlsOnCam can be accessed in numerous languages you can find at the bottom, but models are required to speak English on a conversational level in order to be able to chat with members.

Allowed to work on other sites: Yes

one payout option for international models

-At least one payout option for international models;
-possibility to set our own prices for anything, no maximums;
-payout % should be at least 50% and of course the higher the better, clear dates set for payouts (either each week same day, either 1st and 15th ) and very fast after period ends, nobody wants to wait a few weeks for the money they just made;
-stable software, no “screen not loading” or “server down” kind of crap, 24/7 support that actually replies and fixes problems right away;
-no chargebacks, under no circumstance : i don’t care if it was fraud, user complains or technical issues, i perform the show/ sell the item, i deserve to be paid. the site doesn’t do anything for that customer, i am the one that does everything..so not being paid for what i did i consider stealing.
-possibility to kick, ban, silence, ignore and everything. no limits or warnings (like on iFriends). in my room i need to be able to control everything.
-pay-per-minute shows but also being able to offer block shows or ticket shows.

Imlive vs Livejasmin

I’m working on chaturbate for 8 months now, I’m male broadcaster, but I want to have second site to work on that is based only on private shows. So I can’t decide between this two which should I stay with.

I tried both. I hear many bad things about livejasmin but I found it easier to use site than imlive, and other broadcaster rooms looks very luxury so my mind say’s “hey, they have to earn a lot there !”.

But I didn’t like that I get this -10% and I couldn’t run they’re app on computer only broadcast on site so I finally deleted account there.

I tried imlive, still got account there but I found it’s very hard to use, chat is not transparent for me like on chaturbate – don’t remeber how it looks on livejasmin. I didn’t earn anything on bothsites.

So what You say, which should I choose ? Where I can earn more and get less chargebacks ?

FreeWebcams Review

I work on this server. They are really not as bad as everyone puts them out to be, especially if you contact and talk with the right people that operate and OWN *wink wink* this place. Regardless of the name “free” we have to remember LIVE porn sites are one of the top three places on the internet for trolls. One being social media, the other gaming servers. You are going to have trolls and crybaby whiners whichever server you go. This is the internet. LOL Honestly I found any server that deals with tokens has ten times more trolly crying men. I dislike token sites very much, FWC’s was the only acceptation and they’ve been good to me for over half a year now.

If we want to go with a PornStar reference, Bree Daniels has been there since the beginning of FWC she hasn’t had any issues. Heidi works on lots of servers to feel which one is best for her. I haven’t seen her on FWC for a couple weeks now.

As for being cheeky and stuff with customers, which is my forte LOL, they never kicked me or warned me about my talk with guests. If you have a cam that you can control the mic with “muting” then you should be ok with pausing your cam. I had the same problem and scared the dickens out of me, when peeps were laughing and talking about my conversation I was having right there with my flat mate. Their splitcam has the audio disable feature now.

The site layout is not based on who has made the most money at the top and goes forth. It’s based on ratings, cookies to each computer, and friends and favs and HD quality and feature show.

They have six domains they own besides Camcity, their traffic is good! I honestly don’t have a problem with traffic. Like any other server they have catches. Meaning unlike SM, where you can walk away from your cam and come back, they don’t allow. They do allow you posting social media links and such like Twitter and fan FB pages, unlike SM. You can not mention Skype or PayPal, which is understandable. You can’t “block” people, they get banned for three days or you can kick them out of the room. They’re also like MFC and CB when it comes to interactive toys, they use the OhMiBod system.

They have a splitcam which can be used with ImLive,Jasmin, or SM. When privates in SM happen I turn the Pvt tab on so peeps on FWC can go in. Unfortunately the same doesn’t happen vice versa, if I have a pvt in FWC I have to stop SM broadcast. The only time I don’t have to stop my SM broadcast for a FWC pvt is when I’m streaming through my website with SM.

If you’re apart of the two of their chosen studios they work with, you make 25 p/h + 50% commission + $500 for each one hour feature show that they pick you for (which happens at the beginning of the month and end of the month). Otherwise they pay you $10 up to $20 (if you make 70K+ in tokens a week). If you are making an average of $100+ a week off tokens your hourly shouldn’t have been removed. Average model there makes $1,500 a week just on tokens.

It depends on their payout system goes to regarding on paying models on time. They payout weekly via check or DD or Payoneer. I’ve only had problems when holidays come up. I get paid every Friday, but if there is a holiday that interferes within the three day DD into my account I don’t receive it til Sunday night or Monday morning. They’ve been pretty congruent on payments with me and I’m not apart of one of the two studios they favour with.

Hope this help people out and not made anyone annoyed or angry. My apologies for the ramblings, some things just need explaining in bigger detail.

Please Help Us Build the Ultimate CAM Service

Please Help Us Build the Ultimate CAM Service

Our focus is to develop a new Cam platform with Comprehensive Business Suite serving all the potential needs that will help you to promote YOUR business and utilizing all the new and upcoming technologies. We do not want to compete with your favorite CAM site. We want to offer you your very own business store front loaded with all the features that you use to make money and promote your business 24/7.

We would LOVE to hear from you, to hear your feedback and implement all the features that you think should be part of the new platform based on your professional everyday experience.


Sophisticated system to schedule appointments
Sell videos
Sell pictures
Sell miscellanies merchandise
Sell novels
Customer Referral system

Please help us identify features that will make our platform part of your everyday life.

We want to build platform that will be fair for everybody and reward everyone for their work. If model brings the customer and does the show she should keep majority of the earnings. And when the same customer spends money with other models she should get her share as well for bringing the customer to the site even without doing any show. This way you can build multiple streams of income.


We will reward the models that will collaborate with us closely by:

You will get special perks on the new platform
Exclusive pay out terms (Giving you a life time split not matched by other competitors)


New platform loaded with all the latest features
Security and privacy
Multiple ways to generate income and excellent payout programs
Exposure to our partners in fine art production
Own virtual wallet solution (May simplify money distribution or payment processing for many models)


We are experienced IT firm with history in adult entertainment projects. Our vision is to create the top innovative entertainment platform with the best advanced technology and top customer support.

I totally agree that the cam industry is difficult and heavily flooded

I totally agree that the cam industry is difficult and heavily flooded. Which is why having these conversations is so important. To create the best User/model experience. Personally I think site owners are to greedy and don’t do their due diligence to support the models. I never expect models to drive traffic outside of their own ambition or personal network. I would imagine my site will be just another “New Cam Site” to most models. It all starts somewhere and for me it is right here in the forums. Driving website traffic is an area I am well versed so I need to have the models to serve them too.

That being said a start up can’t perform without some very talented people on both sides. I need to take care of those who use the site and respect the business. They need to make money and feel the risk and time is worth it.

I love this dialogue and hope we can continue discussing ways to enhance the model and user experience.

Thanks Again for the amazing information.