Once I’m on cam it’s easy-peasy

Once I’m on cam it’s easy-peasy, and I wonder what took me so long to sit down and do it. But then the next day it will be the same ol’ thing of dragging my feet.

It’s comforting to hear I’m not the only one that suffers with this. It’s crazy too, because I need money real bad (we all do), and when I’m on cam I make money, but I just can’t seem to get myself to actually sign-on! Makes me feel terrible about myself =(

OK, this sounds very woo-woo, spiritual mumbo jumbo, but I’ve been told by several psychics that I need to protect my ’emotional and psychic energy’ from other people (my ex-husband) who ‘attach’ themselves to me and try to suck energy from me*. They advised me that some people are energy ‘vampires’. And just because they’re not in our physical space they can continue to stay attached to us. This thread reminded me of what the psychic’s warned, AND how to fix it. =)

Both psychics advised me of this exercise: Envision a pure white light shooting out of every cell of your body, out into space. As the white light is pushing out of your body, imagine that it is pushing out everyone else’s energy who has attached to you. Cut them off. Push them way far away.

Once you’ve pictured yourself as being ‘clean’ so everything but your own essence and energy is left, imagine the white light becoming a protective white light of armor, or maybe a bubble, like ‘Glenda the good witch’ floated around in on the Wizard of Oz. Picture yourself protected by your impenetrable white light. No one can get close to drain your energy.

Sadly, I’ve forgotten about that exercise until now. I think I need to give it a try! When I use to do this around my husband (who was needy, emotionally draining me) it really seemed to work. It can’t hurt. Might help us feel more energized if we see ourselves free of all the needy horny guys energy.

*Feng Sui energy clearing talks about these energy vampires too, who send out little energy tentacles or spider webs that get mixed in with our own energy…. if we let it in or don’t clear it out.

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