On Chaturbate there are a few people camming with masks

On Chaturbate there are a few people camming with masks or not showing their face on cam at all. It’s like cam4 in the sense that it is a token site with nudity showing in free chat.
And just like cam4, your Chaturbate shows will always be recorded by bots and by other people. Sometimes they capture private show recordings.
While I understand your concerns about the consequences of camming, I personally think it’s wise to imagine that these possible scenarios will happen to you before jumping into the world of camming (or any kind of sex work), even if you are only doing this casually.

If your information is leaked, could you handle having your naked pictures (even if they’re faceless) next to your real name and home address?
If you are outed, could you handle losing your family, friends, and future romantic relationship because of it?
Are you able to risk losing a full-time job in the future, should your real name turn up links to your adult works on any search engine?

If these questions make you uncomfortable, maybe it’s time to reconsider this part-time job. Please think about it as it is best to tackle these issues now rather than later. Your risk of unwanted exposure only increases as time goes on.

Also, be wary of mirrors– I had stupidly kept a mirror at the side of my bed, and when I walked away from the cam, I would take off my mask and people were able to see my face 

Smiley :P

 I no longer use a mask, so these things aren’t a problem any more.

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