Myfreecams is okish for me

Myfreecams is okish for me. I have blocked half of the world, am not a hustler, no full nudity in free chat but still there is always someone who buys something. There is so many people that there is something for everyone.

Free Members can be blocked and other than chaturbate they tend to leave to look elsewhere for freebies.

It is a troll show but so is naked. You just donĀ“t notice it because you have a large following there (ya….kinda watched you (

Smiley ;)

A busy site is one thing. I would like to know where currently are the most $$$

Like on (I want to leave only for the low rate) where I never have more than like 2 ppl in my room I am doing pretty ok as many of them buy.

I cannot stand sites like chaturbate where hundreds of grey trolls are watching you.

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