Myfreecams camscore caught my attention

the MFC camscore caught my attention and is a little concerning for me. I didn’t know SM doesn’t allow you to work on other sites but if I do well enough to have fun and make extra income ($74/month isn’t going to cut it…) then I am ok with that rule. Being non-nude was going to be tough, and I knew that from the start, I just am tired of crawling into bed extremely late on nights I work, sore as all get out (from dancing so much), having made less than a dollar. If people want to get *weird*, like I said, I’ll get kinky as fuck- just not for free dollars. I’ve tried my own games, tried a bunch of apps, changed my bio and tip menus multiple times, yet nothing seems to be my personal key to crack the code. It may be the site, it may be me. Either way, I’m going to try elsewhere to see if I can accomplish more. As far as hours go, I desperately want to get on during the day, but I have a day job that I make more than 25 cents an hour at, lol. If I could reset my damn internal clock, I could potentially wake up at like 4am EST, cam till 7-8am and then go to jobby, but… 4 am is an ungodly hour unless I’m awake from the day before.. Lol. I should push myself to try it at least once to see what the traffic is like, though, and stop being a baby about hating mornings. Thanks for the reply

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