My experience has been on iFriends & Streamate

My understanding is that ALL sites record us so they have a way to see if we are complying with the terms of our contract (bestiality, incest, vomiting, pain, etc.) This does not mean they have the time to monitor all the recordings, but if they get a report/complaint from someone, they can look at the tapes.

What you’re asking about is whether they SELL or use your paid sessions for promotion. Yes, they all do BUT when you sign-up, or any time after you sign-up* (see IMPORTANT note below) you can opt-out of having your recorded videos promoted.

Unfortunately, both sites I’ve worked on did not make it crystal clear that you have this option to opt-out. Our contract is phrased in legalese, so as a newbie you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into. AND I clearly remember iFriends having a note next to this option that said something like, “If you opt-out of this option you probably won’t get as many customers” Which it turned out was bullshit. What really happens is that THEY would be missing out on free advertising opportunity using your paid video sessions!

While I love camming, I also know that the sites are not there looking out for our best interests. WE have to be very careful in reading the contract & knowing what we’re getting ourselves into!

Back to your initial question, are there sites that won’t use my videos for public promotion or sell the videos. The answer is YES and NO.

YES you can opt-out of having your videos promoted. Both sites I worked on allow you to ‘Geo-block’ an area or an entire country where your stream will NOT be seen. By doing so you’ll keep your stream from being used for advertising. Yay! The reason why is, when the advertising campaign is broadcast around the world the camsite has no way to limit where your individual stream will be seen (or blocked in the Geo-blocking choice you selected =) so instead, they just don’t use your video at all. Geo-blocking protected you from being used in advertising =) =) =)

Selling your videos, that I can’t be so crystal clear about.
Personally, I do not have any experience in seeing my videos, or other models videos, being sold without their consent. There are lots of videos which have been screen captured (recorded) from some trolls computer and HE”s selling them for a profit, but I’m not aware of the camsites doing so without you authorizing it (or failing to opt-out because you weren’t aware you had to =( Again, it’s VERY important that you read & understand what your signing & agreeing to!

All camsites have a legal disclaimer that they cannot guarantee that your privacy or videos will not appear elsewhere on the internet. The site may take you off the roster of being used for promotions, but they have NO CONTROL over who may be recording your show from their computer, and then post it for money or just shits & grins on other websites!!!!!

Also, that part of the contract refers to if you FAILED to correctly make the right choices when you signed-up, and now you realize you want to have a geo-location blocked so you’re no longer being used in advertising, THE SITE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE DOWN YOUR PROMO VIDEOS THAT ARE ALREADY BEING USED IN THE ADVERTISING LOOP!!! The promo video of you taking a dildo in your ass will be used all over the internet, on the largest free porn site around, until they create a new ad campaign, which could be years!!!!

PS: while I try to protect my self in every way from being seen publicly, I want my camming to be rather private & very in control of where I’m seen & by whom, I also realize that there is NO WAY to be 100% protected. As I mentioned, there are people who pay for our show, record it, and post it wherever they like. Ultimately we have no real control over our privacy. So , if you’re worried about fucking your life up, or your families life up by camming, then don’t do it. Chances are that when your kids get to a certain age THEIR FRIENDS will find you, thereby making your kids a laughing-stock or worse. Don’t believe me? Search this teacher/MFCs model: Kristin Sundman or read the online article in New York Post (nypost com Title: amy-fisher-is-back-on-long-island-and-ready-for-a-fresh-start), about porn star/cam model Amy Fisher’s kids not having friends because of her porn life =(

I hope this information gives you a better understanding.

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