Many top cammodels are very chatty if you have watched them

Many top models are very chatty if you have watched them, talk to themselves…talk to members…just think of the common things they ask and just talk about them (I get asked alot if I’m hairy, how big my boobs are, do you have a strap on etc)…guys start to wonder who/what she is talking about. NO need for excessive touching but I do stand up from time to time. Even think about youtube livestreams (livestreams in general) the popular youtubers are chatty and are looking at the camera. You are the star of your room.

Gold shows are golden if one does them occasionally and the magic occurs to actually have people tip. I don’t sell videos either lol So I have no choice but to log off or put the breaker off. If I see 15-50 ppl watching me on the outside and no one coming to my room log off.

I don’t say hi to everyone, I mostly talk to fake ppl or regulars, the new guys rarely participate to the extent as regulars etc

I do have a mass message “Hi there, how are you?” so when others come in they think you are talking to them…works. I say hi boys etc Unless they are a regular

This is a hard job if your shy but sexy shy you can do okay.

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