I’ve had the same problem getting gold shows on streamate

I’ve had the same problem getting gold shows to work. Its basically a seasonal thing for me. If the going is good, a show will work, but in the dead periods, I don’t even try gold shows. I haven’t done any since about October.

Here are a couple things you can try though. I kept a log off how much a made for a gold show, depending on the entry price. I tried all sorts of entry prices, from .99 to $12. It gives me a good idea what leads to the best total profit. $4.99 and $12 work great for me, but it could be different for you.

I try doing the gold show consistently, every day during the same time, 7pm or whatever is peak in your area. When people ask, I tell them to catch me at that time. I tell customers to come back same time/same place so it helps build it up.

These fuckers are fucking pathetic chumps who can’t fuck their wives properly, so jacking off for more than 5 minutes is a major challenge for them. Doing anything more than a 20 minute show is too long for them to handle. The countdown time shouldn’t be too long either. They have no attention span.

People say that selling videos takes away from what their cam customers would normally spend, but I haven’t found that to be true. Think about the porn that you jerk off to, do you jerk off to the same thing every day? Do you ever even watch the same video twice? Guys are always looking for new content, so if they buy a video from you, most likely they will jerk off to it, then try to buy another one. They are a bunch of sex addicts, and they get a dopamine release in their brain when they find something new. They have a high tolerance they need to feed so theyre always looking for new videos. Anyway, the point is, use dropbox or some such site to get links to your videos. Then you can give out the links on streamate. You can make them a prize for top tipper, or say something like everyone in the show gets a teaser video, something like that. It will help you get more people to join your shows.

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