I’v only ever cammed with adultwork

I’v only ever cammed with adultwork and I’v not had any problems with getting verified. But then I’m in the UK if that makes a difference. I do think that AW does go the extra to stop romanians and bulgarians from signing up as they ended up getting a shed load of complaints from the cammers on there that they are being undercut by a large amount that they couldn’t charge without being out of pocket. ALOT of cammers also ended up going else where because of this.

Personally, I’v not had a problem with business getting worse due to romanian and bulgarian lasses charging less. I just get asked where I’m from alot more is all. Mind you I deal mainly in fetish shows.

There are also alot of foreign scam profiles that keep popping up and so that probably has something to do with it too.

I don’t think it’s right for any site to discriminate to honest. But on the flip side, the low rates that the foreign lasses were charging did end up putting others at a big loss.

I think that all us cam girls from all countries should get togather and sort out a minimum rate. I see foreign lasses charging 60p a min (before the 30% AW take and the 5% charge for the camit software) and think wtf? You can charge waaay more than that! The playing field needs to be levelled and I should think that it would be an advantage to all cam girls regardless of nationality. Also, get foreign lasses away from studios that just take advantage of them. I’v no respect for some studios.

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