Its been slow On every camsite

Its been slow On every camsite. Ive only been back for 2 months so I dont know how traffik was before, but for me the past 2 weeks were the worst. Im staying positive thaugh, I will switch my hours a bit. Working night time just makes it that much more boring because im already tired at night, so I will try mornings where my energy is on top lol =) I also take the time while its slow to try .. new techniques of work… I baught new toys and new outfits, and I will take new pictures to keep them interested and keep myself more exciting also, beause my old toys wernt even giving me real orgasms anymore, and I think clients could sence it.

But On the bright side… Even my regulars are broke… My regulars always tip me or bring me private just for talking… And they have told me * I sorry I am broke this month, I promis to make it up to you next month *

Just keep your head up bella… Try working new shifts… longer shifts… etc =)

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