Imlive vs Livejasmin

I’m working on chaturbate for 8 months now, I’m male broadcaster, but I want to have second site to work on that is based only on private shows. So I can’t decide between this two which should I stay with.

I tried both. I hear many bad things about livejasmin but I found it easier to use site than imlive, and other broadcaster rooms looks very luxury so my mind say’s “hey, they have to earn a lot there !”.

But I didn’t like that I get this -10% and I couldn’t run they’re app on computer only broadcast on site so I finally deleted account there.

I tried imlive, still got account there but I found it’s very hard to use, chat is not transparent for me like on chaturbate – don’t remeber how it looks on livejasmin. I didn’t earn anything on bothsites.

So what You say, which should I choose ? Where I can earn more and get less chargebacks ?

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