I’m on naked and I never do C2C for free

I’m on naked and I never do C2C for free. NEVER. The guys that beg for free C2C never spend any money on you so there isn’t a point in giving your attention away for free.

Now I’ve been on naked since 2011 and things have changed quite a bit. In the past I could make between $500 -$1200 a week. Now? I’m lucky to make $50-$130 a week there.

Even my regs have changed their behavior. Before privates were a breeze to get and free chat I never showed anything and just enjoyed fun, music , laughter and really interesting conversations.

Now? Ass BB lol

Even the members that used to tip for C2C usually followed with some teasing and off to private we went. They tipped and gave without much of a fuss. Still a good many members just left and stopped camming altogether. Others were looking to meet with their escort proposals so once they realized “not going to happen” they just moved on and were quite bitter about that I might add.

The members that have stuck around and some have changed there’s only 1-3 that hasn’t all that much. The majority tend to tip really small amounts never go private and just try to squeeze out as much attention that small tips gives.

Even on member tips for c2c and then wants me to tease him and I have to say umm your tip is for c2c not for me to do anything but watch. So I sit and watch like it’s the Discovery Channel. lol

So since they no longer do privates I’ve changed how I do C2C.

I even changed the rate it’s now $4 for 2 mins. Don’t bust in 2mins? Opps not my problem.

I remember a guy that’s tipped spent no more than $25 in almost 3 years came into my room tipped his usual $7 and wanted to sit there playing with himself forever. So I shut his cam off and said “Thanks”. He came back in to complain saying “I feel so dejected”. I was like look $ 3.50 my cut for an hour isn’t going to cut it. I can make more money picking strawberries in Ecuador. Seriously ? Next time tip when you’re close to cumming and then I’ll watch the end. Simple.

Free chat shows aren’t really my thing. I’ve tried a few maybe did about 5-7 but the tippers are just far too cheap. It’s always the same guy that wants C2C and wants to milk out $2 tip ($1 for me) every 10 minutes because he’s trying to have his own one hour private for $20 which A PRIVATE would have been $359.40.+ 3 voyeurs that stay for the hour puts you at about $897.60 . Plus the room fills up with more guys that have $0 or may tip $5 here or there.

In the end you’ll probably walk away with about $50 after the hour and feel grateful that you face was no where near the cam. LOL

Since free chat shows don’t really pay I no longer do them. Serves no purpose.

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