iFriends VS IMLive

Imlive sounds terrible. ifriends does do charge backs and if the viewers don’t pay, you pay! Out of your 10% reserves.

With GPO you can only earn 35%. If the traffic were like it used to be then 35% wouldn’t be too bad.

You can earn 100% proceeds if you use your promo url. Even still, the show can be refunded and you will have to pay for someone to see you out of your reserves.

In the end it leaves you only trusting people you know but how do you know who they are if your new? How do you know if they are new? Well you can check badges and star ratings but that takes time and most times ruins the flow of conversation because the guys see you looking at it so they think they are boring you but really your trying to figure everything out and click everything fast enough to respond. 15% of the time it costs you money/viewer.

So those risk factors are still there. A lot of uploaded videos go missing as well. 

 and viewers can download your videos. As for the free option.

I have experienced cruel racism on ifriends too so they have that in commen with imlive if that was going on like you say there. Don’t put your defenses down yet. Hopefully you never have to experience it on the level I did.

There is a thread on WCG about ifriends. To prepare yourself check there. Lots of great tips. I don’t see anything being posted lately by WCG about site changes but maybe they will come up with something exciting and inspiring this year. Good Luck. go Get em tiger. 

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