Ifriends is better depending what you want you

Ifriends is better depending what you want you: you can block guest chat and do private only so it is TRUE private 

 Seems to be busiest est 10pm-3am weekends especially but it is def a slow site—since I almost never do free. 2 or 3 times in 3 years for me. But I’ve decided to try free once every free months you never know lol but I don’t cause I don’t need to, prefer to have it on mute and watch movies etc.

On Imlive guests, members with no credits and members can chat. You have to mute individually and you will have to do that ALOT (trolls, racists, and freeloaders). Imlive customers are cheap generally and don’t want to pay anything more than 1.98, but I stick to charging 3.80 

Occasionally some good shows but my goal on there is 100/month haha. On ifriends, I have no goal cause the site surprises me alot ! So far my best site this month.

You can do GPO or 50%. I go with 50% and I make sure if someone joins my show they have 3-5 circles. If they only have one circle. I might end the show as I prefer trusted members that spends and pays the site instead of a fly by night ‘new’ member who has no intention of paying.

Hope that helps and get it going 

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