I used to work on Camfly last summer

I used to work on Camfly last summer at first the percentage was low but still in the range. I was new and not very knowledgable, but I think I was getting about 80 cents to a dollar per minute. I think compared to Livejasmin my other beginner site it was nice. Then after camming mostly on LJ for a month or two because Camfly was doing a huge update and it took forever! I finally got back on and spent an hour in private! I was so happy only to be crushed to see less than $40 in my account! They had changed their pay structure to a commission based system. I emailed support and they went out of business very shortly after that. I can’t remember which big site it was but after the update they were pretty much part of that larger site. It was with no warning the log in page said all checks will go out on this date and a list of recommended sites to register with to keep working. I would estimate that happened around mid to late August to September. UPDATE: CRAZY they are back up just like nothing ever happened. I would not trust that site!

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