I tried IMLive, Chaturbate, LJ, Streamate, XXXGamerGirls, Flirt4Free, Myfreecams

I tried IMLive, Chaturbate, LJ, Streamate, XXXGamerGirls, Flirt4Free, Myfreecams, and a few others.

LJ was bar none the worst experience in my camming career, cam girl support nazis are horrible to you and treat you like shit, and they kept doing chargebacks on me for less than $5 each pay period so I would miss payouts. It was total BS.

XXXGamerGirls died a very sad death, its was a cool concept but they got greedy even as they had no traffic and no models.

IMLive was more like IMdead, unless you paid them for your traffic. No thanks.

Chaturbate was complete bullshit. Models that think they’re doing well there should try somewhere else and see the magical improvement. Hubby and I cam coupled there and made #1 for the hour 3 times, but never got more than $12 in tips.

MFC was ok, I just couldn’t get over the “do it in free chat” concept after getting burned on Chaturbate, and my Asperger’s kicked in while working that site in a big way. Not for me.

Streamate, up until about 2 months ago, was a very reliable paycheck. Lately my average pay is now 1/2 what it was, but I made up for it in indy clients and clips. I still use this as my main pay site. I will also splitcam with Flirt4Free on occasion.

There’s a few other minor fetish sites and such that I’ve tried or get on to putter around with the tiny amount of clients, but those are the big ones I’ve been through.

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