I signed up on AdultWork a couple of weeks ago

 i signed up on AdultWork a couple of weeks ago,got”approved” pretty quick(after uploading my passport scan, a verification photo and everything else they required) and even had some shows on it.3 days ago i receive 4 mails from the site telling me that i need to re-upload my documents plus i need to provide a proof of residency( i am from Romania but i live in Vienna,Austria for over a year,legally) which consists of a picture of me holding a local newspaper in front of the sign street i live on…figure that out!
Apparently they are dealing with a big number of scams and forged documents coming from Romania and i understand their efforts in running a clean,safe site but it really feels like being discriminated…especially with their note that if the documents i submitted are invalid,my account will be closed.I have no problem in providing the proofs they need that i am actually located in Vienna,i even sent them my marriage licence and the relocation form but i would really appreciate if someone would actually review them,rather sooner than later.I also don�t understand why i was allowed to broadcast for 2 weeks before someone realizing that i am not verified yet.It is frustrating as i really like that site and i was doing quite good on it.
Anyone else had to deal with this kind of situations?

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