I never make any decent money from GOLD SHOWS on streamate

I never make any decent money from GOLD SHOWS that why I don’t do them often and very hesistant and YES THEY BLOW donkey balls but sometimes they are a necessary evil and can BOOST income and time spent in paid chat *Sometimes*

I don’t bother with gold shows most time because on SM that is not where the money lies except you get a “TV GOLD SHOW” and or “group oriented” and can get the “masses of asses” to put 5 GOLD of 7 minutes after like 3 timer restarts ughhhh

I personally don’t have the personality to do it consistently but nevertheless it CAN be done in the case for girls who got the look and those with the right “attitude” (you have to be more patient with freeloaders and cheapos). An easily irritated gal like myself whose block list is over 600, will have a Hard time SMILING for an audience of CHEAP overly AGGRESSIVE and rude beggars lol

Gold shows are for the bottom feeders of streamates. Mostly, the single broke guys with heavy porn addiction who don’t mind letting go of 1-5Gold. I’m not very interested in this crowd. So I’ve taken a DIFFERENT approach on gold shows and made it into a “VOYEUR ONLY” type deal or “personal gold shows” (In which I negotiate money and minutes for a custom gold show). I created a channel on SM for the purpose of VOYEUR GOLD SHOWS ONLY (so it doesn’t mess up my existing channel and audience) Instead of the conventional GOLD SHOW. They can only see me if they join my show, AKA pay to see me. I don’t even do pussy fucking on the channel. I make them tip me extra for requests. So gold shows in my case and other channel is just “watch me”/”spy on me” type deal. I saw a white girl do it, mercedes voyeur and she looks like does alright with voyeur gold show type deal. I’m experimenting and enough of my regulars seem to like it since I’m a huge chatterbox 

 I don’t make them over 30 minutes tho cause SM servers seem to like to disconnect the show wtf.


GOLD SHOW seems to work for mostly women who GOT ‘THE LOOK’ and BRIBE THE GUYS (Videos/pics for tip amounts). I don’t believe anyone who gave me 5G (1.75 my cut) deserves anything. If you a stingy mf, you don’t deserve anything for “doing the right thing”

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