I make nearly all of my income on Goldshows from streamate

I make nearly all of my income on Goldshows, and I don’t think they’re just for the bottom feeders the private and exclusive sessions I do have are from the high tippers i’ve met in those shows. I never sell videos or pictures it seems to work great for most girls but I don’t see why they’d keep coming back to me if they have 20 videos of me already so I just don’t sell or make any ever because this is long term to me. Not saying anything against the girls who do sell things to encourage tips whatever works for you works 

 I do my shows at 5$/ 7 minutes as of this year I used to do 4$ but i’ve learnt anyone who tipped 4 will tip the extra dollar and it’s actually made a big difference I start the show at 100 Gold but usually get to 150$ (50$ our cut) on slower days it takes 2 sometimes 3 timers to get them started but on busy days I do 3-4 shows an hour making anywhere from 35-100 in each show my own cut. To encourage tips I tell them high tip will have their name moaned and can make requests during the show this way i’m not giving anything to them to keep but it gets them into bidding wars which is always nice lol. Goldshows are the fastest way to make money in my opinion because i’m non stop on the hustle i’m never sitting around waiting on a guy to take me into private and it keeps me online longer because I don’t get bored.

On a side note because I decline privates and exclusives most of the time, i’m able to charge way more for those who do want them. I now charge 11.99/13.99 and I’ll get a few of those everyday as well. The guys I get in those are committed to a long personalize show with me so I don’t have to deal with any 30 second assholes or minute men. That’s the whole reason I turned to goldshows I got sick and tired of getting dressed and undressed every 2 minutes because of people jumping in and out of private…I have extremely low tolerance for time wasters. Anywho i’m still fairly new and still have things to learn it’ll be one year come March but if anyone has any questions about Goldshows feel free to ask I love seeing others do well it’s what keeps the cam world going

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