I joined Adultwork

Here’s a report from the other side of the world. I joined Adultwork on mid-February. I’m Asian and had to jump through hoops to become approved. They approved me and then told me I’m not approved and need to send more photos, then approved and then not approved. I ended up sending 2 passports (one married name, one maiden name) and sent lots of explanations and more photos. I don’t want to go into too many details, but I’m streaming from a different country than my nationality and they need proof that I’m where I say I am. They don’t allow people to to say they are streaming from somewhere different than their real location. This makes sense because it’s an escort site too and all models can offer other services besides DirectCam. I nearly gave up as it was just so frustrating… then finally I got the good news that I was approved.

End of story – I’m happy I persevered as I really like working this site. The 65% payout is very sweet indeed, and being paid in GBP makes it even sweeter (1 GBP = USD 1.67). You have to be patient as the traffic is quite slow as most customers are from the UK. You don’t get many international customers, although I’ve had some good spenders from the US and Continental Europe. Obviously with such a high payout they don’t get as much traffic as sites where they spend a lot on promotion. You can’t have it both ways. Traffic costs money.

The truth is there’s normally 200 – 400 models online with low traffic, so they don’t need a lot of new models really… and that could be why they’re being fastidious with new signups. As they are primarily a British based service, they may also want to keep the number of foreign models low.

I suggest you all persevere and eat a bit of humble pie. Yes it is quite a humiliating process, but I think it’s worth it.

Think of the benefits of not having too much competition because they make it harder for new models to apply, who like many of you give up.

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