I have been looking at the Alexa ratings on Streamate

I have been looking at the Alexa ratings on SM trying to figure out what is going on. I started with SM a year ago, I left livejasmin. I loved SM in comparison, made great money in less time online and was not harassed by the Romanian Studios. I had a troll from one of the studios that became a fan of me(long story) and he warned me about two months ago that we would start to see more of an eastern European influx of models on the top pages. I tried to go back to livejasmin only to have my very life threatned, so stayed with SM. In this process the troll was telling me they were stealing from our customers, i was like, yah right how? He would not say but i was having streaming issues so my husband ( who is in I.T.) looked at the SM encoder and found a Romanian hack in it. Thinking it happened when i down loaded jasmin cam, because it down loaded a change to my encoder for SM. This scares me a little bit. I have totally wiped my computer of anything to do with Livejasmin, but still see many models who are from studios working on SM and I wonder how many of our customers are getting ripped off and if that has anything to do with the decline. I thought about going INDY, but not sure I want to work that hard yet on marketting, and being the sole income at the moment i need the weekly paycheck. Feeling a bit frustrated and stuck was really effecting me on cam. So I dusted off an old book of mine called The Secret, which is about the laws of attraction and started reading in the am. before work. Its helping my stress level while I try to work towards a change of work sites. I am a very intuitive person, I even do oracle readings for people so I am trying to listen to my gut about the decline of SM. I am not leaving them for good but am making a change to another site over the next few months, are they a sinking ship? I can not give that a definitive answer, but I can tell you that numbers don’t lie and I am not a fan of worrying if i will be able to pay my bills. Taking action has made me feel better. One good thing, is that it is forcing me to get out of my comfort zone, and in my experience all 47 years of it, getting out of the comfort zone usually brings about a personal growth that equals better things.

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