I hate things about Cam Sites

1. Free chat – as girls above said. It may seem like a good idea but attracts loads of freeloaders that are not willing to pay. From my experience – I never ended my shift with $0.25 on PPM site, which happened on CB… On PPM sites I had members buying credits during the show with me (even couple of times), which never happened to me on free; it’s a win-win for a model and site 

Also, on free chat based sites it’s more possible to get recorded. If you can watch me on pirate sites for free, why would you pay?

2. Placement based mostly on how much you make. This way many girls get lost in the ocean.

3. Votings that require members to pay to vote. And ofc the only one who profits off of it is the site.

1) The new model period, I have spoken to a few new models about this and often the promoted period is wasted due to the model trying to learn how the site works in this time, a better option might be to allow a model to choose when their room is promoted or even allow them to have the room promoted 1 or 2 days every month through the use of a “promote my room” type button.

2) Personally I don’t have an issue with games in my room, it adds a little something, I often find that users like to take the gamble on winning a great prize or wining something that was a lower cost on the tip menu. But the games need to be well documented on how to set them up and how they are used correctly.

3)Sites that don’t allow camboys (obvious reasons).

4)Sites that alow members to pm for free, or in the case of chaturbate allow members to pay a monthly fee to be able to pm without tipping for it as these members seem to have a scene of entitlement.

5) Cam windows that do not resize, there is no need for my cam window to take up 50% of my screen.

6) sites that do not resize when the window size is changed. If i am working on more than 1 site then I like to stack my windows so I can see every room I am working in at the same time without having to to be constantly changing tabs.

7)Free loaders is a big issue with free chat sites, most of the ones I have seen the issue comes from they way they are marketed. ie/ watch live shows free – gives the guest there is no reason to pay for the site.

8)Sites that dont allow for a fully customized profile, most of us know that the best way to maxamize our income is to create create to brand our self’s, we have accounts over many services and it is important they we are able to match up the design as much as we can, having a basic generic profile takes away from the image that we work to try and build.

9)Sites that promote other sites while I am working (you may have realized that every one of these issues is something that is on chaturbate, that is the site where I am working). After looking at chaturbates advertising prices I am fairly certain that their main priority is not to have models making money but to have models there so they can push the free loading guests to the site, (they have run campaigns like “never pay for live cams again” obviously I cant determine if it was them or an affiliate, but campaigns like this will inflate the guest count which inflates the sites stats which means they can charge more for the ad’s they run on the page. A cam site should be focused on getting members that spend money on the site, not a place to inflate traffic for ad sales (sorry little ranty but this one bugs the crap out of me).

10)Sites that dont offer to help with content take downs. This effects my earnings as well as the sites so I really dont understand why more sites dont offer to help with this.

As for your question about a good affiliate program, ppl + lifetime revshare is always my favorite affiliate system. Where the lead gives a $1-2 comission and the revshare set at 5-10% of the customers spend, or in the case of model sign ups a $5-10 payment for the sign up with a 5-10% rev share on the models earnings. With affiliate marketing just as important as the affiliate program is having affiliate managers that know the business and can offer advice to those getting started with the program as well as help with things such as link tracking, setting conversion tracking etc along with good marketing materials such as banner ad’s and pop unders for both mobile and desktop.

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