I am new on ifriends

I am new on ifriends and, I agree, the traffic there is terrible. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was new there or what but, in a 4 hour shift, I had 2 customers there. I did try out their free chat for a bit and I was overwhelmed with every guy trying to have a private conversation with me. In my opinion, it would be best to NOT use ifriends as your main source of income and instead have ifriends running in the background while you work a different site or sites.

In my case, I run my popular free video chat website (which I hardly do privates on – just tips), while at the same time, I have several pay per video chat websites open – including ifriends on the standard mode. When one of the pay per video chat websites gets a paying customer for me, I can usually also keep the free video chat website on as well (if not, I just say brb or claim I got disconnected later – but this rarely happens). So, I’m doing a show and getting paid per minute from the pay per video website while getting tips in free chat on the other (or, again, I can choose to close the free video chat one until the show is over – depending on the show).

This really gets me A LOT of cash, especially when more than 1 of the pay per video chats are running with pay per minute customers. The trick is to balance these out as though you’re only doing the show for that one or more customer(s) on the pay per video site. So, if you’re having very different requests, it’d be hard to do. Usually, however, you can smoothly do all of the requests as long as you appear into it. If one guy is telling you to bend over and one guy is telling you to show cleavage for example – you can easily do both and appear to be very involved in that show. I mean, the guys are having a good time regardless 

Smiley :)

Anyway! This works really well for me so I hope this helps you and everyone else too! It has been my experience to never put all your eggs in one basket so to speak.

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