Guys in my Free Live cam call me FAT

I’m 5’7 and I used to weight 185lbs. I started working out and now I weight about 154lbs and guess what? Some guys still call me FAT! Hahaha!
Especially after I win something, like an award on Imlive I get a bunch of guys in my Free Live Chat calling me FAT! I don’t see myself fat, yeah I am curvy and always will be but fat? no freaking way.
The other day I was in videochat with a very hot and good looking guy and he sounded pretty cool too. So I stood up to show him my cat walk and after I turned around, I could see the disgust on his face. He said ” Ewww what a FAT ass!” and left. Yeah, that made me feel a little self-conscious. I even cried a little. After a couple of minutes I thought to myself, oh well, he is just another WANKER. WHAT-EVER! 🙂
So do not let men put you down and always look at the big picture. They are the ones jerking off for us while we take ALL their money. *Smiles*

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