Fetish: cakesitting

I was blissfully ignorant when it came to the strange world of cakesitting until someone showed me Cake Farts. If you’re not familiar, it’s a video of a girl defiling a perfectly innocent chocolate cake by straddling it, rubbing her ass in it, and then farting on it. The farting part is less desired than the actual act of sitting on a cake, but it does exist. Moving on…

Cakesitting falls under the “sploshing” or “wet and messy” (WAM) fetish category. It’s also related to crushing, if the cake fetishist gets off on watching someone smoosh cake under their bare feet and between their toes. While I’ve never received a request for this professionally, I received an unsolicited request from some dude on OKCupid a while back. I only wish I could find the screenshot of his message. Anyways…

For the cake to be truly worthy of being sat on, it should be frosted or loaded with some other squishy, sugary substance. The best type of cake is still up for debate, though.

Here’s a scene from The United States of Tara that sums up camwhore customer interaction and cakesitting pretty well.

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