Its strange Steamate does warnings now

Its strange Streamate does warnings now, they used to just ban for a week without even questioning. Lots of rival studios would play games where they would tip 1 gold just to get another studio’s models banned. A lot of the foreign models tend to disappear really quick and not come back by not knowing the rules.

Lots of foreign models are working for “bulk studios” where they may be split camming for 10-20 sites at the same time. Most sites do allow flashes, and these models are basically tossed in a room to start working and not told anything. Of course they don’t read or understand the rules either. As a result, a customer could say “flash pussy” for 1 gold (or even free) and then *click* goes the screenshot. Model will disappear off Streamate within a few hours and not come back.

Streamate change up a lot of things.

Streamate change up a lot of things. Two major things I’ve noticed –

Model income went up 40% per hour across the board. This started about 2 weeks ago and has been going strong ever since. Whatever affiliate they just got on board for their traffic is kicking ass.

Their support started hassling new signups a LOT less. We’ve had every signup pass through on the first go without intervention, and very fast, in these last 2 weeks.

Streamate is still the top paying website per hour for our network, only CMD is starting to come close to their level of earnings. Everything else is still hovering at 50% or less than SM. If SM is dying, then everything else is going also.

I’ve been on streamate for 4 years

I’ve been on streamate for 4 years, and pretty consistently for the past 2. It seems to me that the site is going downhill. I’m now one of their “top models” for the first time ever, but I still don’t make as much money as I used to. I checked their Alexa ranking recently and they went from #600-ish when I started to their current rank of #3304. The site seems to have half as much traffic as it used to and after seeing that they really are, actually, getting less traffic, I’m starting to get worried that the site is just heading downhill. Looking at their sites metrics traffic for the past year has been going basically down in a line like this \ . Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I have been looking at the Alexa ratings on Streamate

I have been looking at the Alexa ratings on SM trying to figure out what is going on. I started with SM a year ago, I left livejasmin. I loved SM in comparison, made great money in less time online and was not harassed by the Romanian Studios. I had a troll from one of the studios that became a fan of me(long story) and he warned me about two months ago that we would start to see more of an eastern European influx of models on the top pages. I tried to go back to livejasmin only to have my very life threatned, so stayed with SM. In this process the troll was telling me they were stealing from our customers, i was like, yah right how? He would not say but i was having streaming issues so my husband ( who is in I.T.) looked at the SM encoder and found a Romanian hack in it. Thinking it happened when i down loaded jasmin cam, because it down loaded a change to my encoder for SM. This scares me a little bit. I have totally wiped my computer of anything to do with Livejasmin, but still see many models who are from studios working on SM and I wonder how many of our customers are getting ripped off and if that has anything to do with the decline. I thought about going INDY, but not sure I want to work that hard yet on marketting, and being the sole income at the moment i need the weekly paycheck. Feeling a bit frustrated and stuck was really effecting me on cam. So I dusted off an old book of mine called The Secret, which is about the laws of attraction and started reading in the am. before work. Its helping my stress level while I try to work towards a change of work sites. I am a very intuitive person, I even do oracle readings for people so I am trying to listen to my gut about the decline of SM. I am not leaving them for good but am making a change to another site over the next few months, are they a sinking ship? I can not give that a definitive answer, but I can tell you that numbers don’t lie and I am not a fan of worrying if i will be able to pay my bills. Taking action has made me feel better. One good thing, is that it is forcing me to get out of my comfort zone, and in my experience all 47 years of it, getting out of the comfort zone usually brings about a personal growth that equals better things.

Streamate most def going down hill

the site most def going down hill smh. The traffic been dropping for me since April? maybe it is a summer time thing but jasus. Also I see that customers are CONFUSED as a MF. For instance this week, I had TWO separate occasions in which members tipped me in my guest chat, while I was in a PAID show with another person. They said that they ‘paid’ and should be able to see my per MINUTE show. YUP WTF? O_o

These days, the ONLY way I could make what I did is by RAISING my rates by TWO dollars each paid chat. Done this for the last 2 weeks and it works. Was scared shitless but it WORKED! I do alot of fetish and femdomme like shows so they need to pay me. I do get the “your expensive bb” sometimes but I don’t care lol This is about ME getting paid and you enjoying your fetish 

I also don’t depend on gold shows so when I do them (which is rare), I usually do decent and almost always get my goals (which are LOW as a MF lol)

Anyways forever on the quest for a cam site to supplement my income.

I’m on streamate with camsharks

I’m on streamate with camsharks and they take 3%. I felt that for the personal support they provide, it was worth the 3%. I believe that I do get better placement, and of course additional marketing and exposure. The cam girl and former porn star Jayda Diamonde that owns the studio always makes herself available for anything you might need, whether its tech support or if you’re looking to brainstorm different approaches to your caming so that you can increase your income. For the 3% that they take, in my opinion it’s negligible for the resources you have in return. Many studios are scams or at best just not worth it. This one is not a scam and one that you might benefit from. That’s a personal decision. Hopefully the first hand information I’ve been able to provide can help you to determine if it’s for you.

Streamate ain’t paying millions in shit

This is a big load of horse shit. Streamate ain’t paying millions in shit. How in the fuck are they going to talk about taking customers off of Streamate when they allow these chicks to give away content for gold shows. FYI, you have to serve that content on your own servers. This means that you have to give the person a download link which takes the person off of the site. The only content you can send through Streamate is pictures. I guess it’s ok to do that because they are getting 65% for nothing. You’re the one who has to pay for the hosting of your content and Streamate is getting that 65% free and clear. That’s why I won’t sell my good content there. They don’t want to spend the money to add a feature to the site so you can offer streaming videos to your customers like the other cam sites. Also they have a deal with these porn stars and chicks who have their own membership sites. They put a link to that person’s site and that performer agrees to give members who join her site a discount on private chats. Every time someone joins that membership site through Streamate then streamate gets affiliate commission for it. So again how in the fuck are they going to talk about traffic leaking. All of the traffic leaking is comming from them not the performers. If they were smart they would let us have a video library like the other cam sites but they don’t want to do it because they don’t want to pay the money to add the feature and then have to give you your percentage like the other cam sites.

Oh yeah I forgot, all this PayPal and doing cam show off site came from these fucking studios that they think so much of. I started on Streamate in 2006 and was hearing about this back then. It was the studio chicks doing this shit. They were doing shows off site, begging for money, and trying to get guys to send them money and promising to do anything if the guy paid for them to come to the US. You’re always going to have chicks that try and pull guys to another platform but a lot of this shit on Streamate doesn’t happen on other cam sites. It’s like a free for all on Streamate. I wonder who’s going to be still standing when the dust clears.

Who in the hell is Jayda Diamonde anyway. She’s not looking out for any of us. She’s looking out for her own pocket. That Cam Sharks is Streamate plain and simple but with her name on it. She sure name it right, she’s a shark just like the rest of them.