As a ‘members only’ model on streamate

As a ‘members only’ model on streamate, I’m not seen on the SM public home page. So to find out where I’m placing on the site, I must sign-in as a member too. Then I can see where I’m placing on the site. For this reason, unless you sign-in with a member account you won’t ever see me on Streamate or it’s other white page portals or advertising (If you find online videos of me, I’d love to get the link so they can be taken down, please)

FYI: just because you’re on line 5 on the public home page doesn’t mean that’s what the members see when signed-in, ready to spend money. I’m guessing that about 15% of models are ‘members only’. So when you sign-in to SM as a member you’ll see your placement actually drop a line or more because of all the ‘hidden’ models that will suddenly appear – but only after you’ve signed-in as a member.

Does that clarify how the site works?

Streamate approves the bots.

Streamate approves the bots.
The bots are pornstars or industry models who do the recording for a fee. They’re being recorded using a program called, The oldest bot on Streamate is MadisonQT, who just happens to be the model that CamDecoy has on it’s sales videos.

It could be that the creator of CamDecoy is running the recordings himself with Streamate’s approval, or Streamate runs them themselves. Anywho, Streamate doesn’t care, as long as they’re making money, so don’t waste your time reporting them.

You’ll notice that the older Bots are using the oldest settings that aren’t wide screen. That’s because the CamDecoy program recorded in that old ‘cube’ format, rather than wide screen. Maybe someday they’ll upgrade and start making bot videos in the newer, higher resolution HD format? For the time being though, guys continue not to care what format MadisonQT or any of the other bots are broadcast in. They pay $4.99p/min for a recording, then write reviews gushing-on about how amazing her show is. Pathetic idiots =p

The newest thing I find amusing is that some of the bots will now be playing a music track over the video in free chat. As if she’s listening to the radio. But when she goes to type, there’s no sound of fingers on the keyboard, or other noise for that matter. It’s so hokey!

Streamate is what I call an “advanced” cam girl site,

Streamate is what I call an “advanced” cam girl site, a model with a huge wardrobe and collection of toys will do better than an unprepared model. A fun, “open minded” personality is almost a must. The days of sitting in free chat hoping for a private with no effort is gone! IMO I find teasing more helps. I’ve even recently gotten into roleplay tho I’m not the best actress and getting more requests than the past and RP guys usually good spenders.

The more you do on streamates, the more you will probably make. I have my limits but I’ll do weird shit any day.

Lastly timing and consistency is important! depending of my mood I work morning (tho I know it may be slow), afternoon (occasionally) and mostly at night.

Looking busy keeps you busy.

I try all times…even tired 3am-4am tho I know that is the lowest traffic according to statistics. Nevertheless, it didn’t go too well for me lol

My week on Streamate has been disastrous this week

 My week on Streamate has been disastrous this week (and like I wouldn’t want to wish that on anyone else but at the same time I’m glad it’s not just me).

Have you considered niteflirt? Getting set up there is somewhat intimidating (I’m working on it now) and it’s phone sex which isn’t exactly camming but it seems closer to the private show model than tip sites are.

I’ve also worked chaturbate and I know people who’ve made money at it but the money’s never been reliable for me and the crowds suck. I might try it again today just to see if it’s better than streamate’s been this week though. Also I’m gonna try SM again next week just to hope it’s been fixed; last week I made three times as much as I made this week, so maybe this sudden drop will be remedied by an equally sudden rise.

What I really want is to be able to get enough indie regulars that I can count on them to pull me through tough weeks, but that’s not how it’s been.

The Streaate code of conduct was changed

The Streaate code of conduct was changed and alcohol is prohibited on the site. So is the use of any other drugs. I guess the big name, page one models who are charging for doing shots within their show descriptions are willing to take the suspensions they’ve been given.

Watching Streamate model, AmberLily’s Twitter feed, I discovered that due to the SM ban on alcohol, Amber’s moved her ‘Tiki Tuesday’ show over to MFCs so she can continue her fun bartending themed night over there. So there are those models taking the ban seriously (she states she can’t afford to be suspended for days at a time).

I’ve had the same problem getting gold shows on streamate

I’ve had the same problem getting gold shows to work. Its basically a seasonal thing for me. If the going is good, a show will work, but in the dead periods, I don’t even try gold shows. I haven’t done any since about October.

Here are a couple things you can try though. I kept a log off how much a made for a gold show, depending on the entry price. I tried all sorts of entry prices, from .99 to $12. It gives me a good idea what leads to the best total profit. $4.99 and $12 work great for me, but it could be different for you.

I try doing the gold show consistently, every day during the same time, 7pm or whatever is peak in your area. When people ask, I tell them to catch me at that time. I tell customers to come back same time/same place so it helps build it up.

These fuckers are fucking pathetic chumps who can’t fuck their wives properly, so jacking off for more than 5 minutes is a major challenge for them. Doing anything more than a 20 minute show is too long for them to handle. The countdown time shouldn’t be too long either. They have no attention span.

People say that selling videos takes away from what their cam customers would normally spend, but I haven’t found that to be true. Think about the porn that you jerk off to, do you jerk off to the same thing every day? Do you ever even watch the same video twice? Guys are always looking for new content, so if they buy a video from you, most likely they will jerk off to it, then try to buy another one. They are a bunch of sex addicts, and they get a dopamine release in their brain when they find something new. They have a high tolerance they need to feed so theyre always looking for new videos. Anyway, the point is, use dropbox or some such site to get links to your videos. Then you can give out the links on streamate. You can make them a prize for top tipper, or say something like everyone in the show gets a teaser video, something like that. It will help you get more people to join your shows.

I make nearly all of my income on Goldshows from streamate

I make nearly all of my income on Goldshows, and I don’t think they’re just for the bottom feeders the private and exclusive sessions I do have are from the high tippers i’ve met in those shows. I never sell videos or pictures it seems to work great for most girls but I don’t see why they’d keep coming back to me if they have 20 videos of me already so I just don’t sell or make any ever because this is long term to me. Not saying anything against the girls who do sell things to encourage tips whatever works for you works 

 I do my shows at 5$/ 7 minutes as of this year I used to do 4$ but i’ve learnt anyone who tipped 4 will tip the extra dollar and it’s actually made a big difference I start the show at 100 Gold but usually get to 150$ (50$ our cut) on slower days it takes 2 sometimes 3 timers to get them started but on busy days I do 3-4 shows an hour making anywhere from 35-100 in each show my own cut. To encourage tips I tell them high tip will have their name moaned and can make requests during the show this way i’m not giving anything to them to keep but it gets them into bidding wars which is always nice lol. Goldshows are the fastest way to make money in my opinion because i’m non stop on the hustle i’m never sitting around waiting on a guy to take me into private and it keeps me online longer because I don’t get bored.

On a side note because I decline privates and exclusives most of the time, i’m able to charge way more for those who do want them. I now charge 11.99/13.99 and I’ll get a few of those everyday as well. The guys I get in those are committed to a long personalize show with me so I don’t have to deal with any 30 second assholes or minute men. That’s the whole reason I turned to goldshows I got sick and tired of getting dressed and undressed every 2 minutes because of people jumping in and out of private…I have extremely low tolerance for time wasters. Anywho i’m still fairly new and still have things to learn it’ll be one year come March but if anyone has any questions about Goldshows feel free to ask I love seeing others do well it’s what keeps the cam world going

I never make any decent money from GOLD SHOWS on streamate

I never make any decent money from GOLD SHOWS that why I don’t do them often and very hesistant and YES THEY BLOW donkey balls but sometimes they are a necessary evil and can BOOST income and time spent in paid chat *Sometimes*

I don’t bother with gold shows most time because on SM that is not where the money lies except you get a “TV GOLD SHOW” and or “group oriented” and can get the “masses of asses” to put 5 GOLD of 7 minutes after like 3 timer restarts ughhhh

I personally don’t have the personality to do it consistently but nevertheless it CAN be done in the case for girls who got the look and those with the right “attitude” (you have to be more patient with freeloaders and cheapos). An easily irritated gal like myself whose block list is over 600, will have a Hard time SMILING for an audience of CHEAP overly AGGRESSIVE and rude beggars lol

Gold shows are for the bottom feeders of streamates. Mostly, the single broke guys with heavy porn addiction who don’t mind letting go of 1-5Gold. I’m not very interested in this crowd. So I’ve taken a DIFFERENT approach on gold shows and made it into a “VOYEUR ONLY” type deal or “personal gold shows” (In which I negotiate money and minutes for a custom gold show). I created a channel on SM for the purpose of VOYEUR GOLD SHOWS ONLY (so it doesn’t mess up my existing channel and audience) Instead of the conventional GOLD SHOW. They can only see me if they join my show, AKA pay to see me. I don’t even do pussy fucking on the channel. I make them tip me extra for requests. So gold shows in my case and other channel is just “watch me”/”spy on me” type deal. I saw a white girl do it, mercedes voyeur and she looks like does alright with voyeur gold show type deal. I’m experimenting and enough of my regulars seem to like it since I’m a huge chatterbox 

 I don’t make them over 30 minutes tho cause SM servers seem to like to disconnect the show wtf.


GOLD SHOW seems to work for mostly women who GOT ‘THE LOOK’ and BRIBE THE GUYS (Videos/pics for tip amounts). I don’t believe anyone who gave me 5G (1.75 my cut) deserves anything. If you a stingy mf, you don’t deserve anything for “doing the right thing”

Streamate has offered videos for sale for along time

Streamate has offered videos for sale for along time, it was suppose to be some kind of teaser feature but most models don’t have any videos listed. Some models have cammed for years and never gotten one of these random videos, others cam for a month or 2 and magically get one. Its one of those weird features like the “break button” or “members site plug-in” that you’d never know about unless someone else told you it exsitied.

There’s also the “fan club” you can request that is sold for a money membership fee and you control all videos & photos, you upload (like a mini-sm-membersite)

Now they also have a video beta program, that puts FREE video teasers on model page, I’m guessing that’s what the cammodel link, video tab is. These videos you upload just like your profile photos.

Video clip feature on Streamate

I have no idea where these videos are suppose to be found. I signed-in to the main SM site using my members account. Only found 1 model online, out of the 20 or so free chat sessions I popped-in on, where there were any videos offered and those were FREE videos posted by the model themself (in beta testing right now).

I checked the first pages of offline models too and there are no paid videos offered. None on the back pages either where the models who don’t use the encoder go. No paid videos offered there either.

Then from Alice’s Twitter profile I popped over her cammodel’s link. There on her cammodel’s page is a tab for ‘My Videos’ which is not seen on any other portal. It doesn’t offer any PAID videos, it just says something like, sign-up for free to watch my videos (although that doesn’t mean the videos are free, just the sign-up is). I have no way to verify, other than signing-up again, to see if there are video clips for sale.

Go check your cammodels link and you’ll see what I mean. It’s posted on every models own portal.

To be clear…..
The ONLY people who make it over to our cammodels page are people we send there, or they stumble across it by accident. I’m wondering if SM has added this ‘sign-up now to see my videos’ display to encourage more guys to sign-up through our link, which would be a very good thing! I’m not saying that IS what’s happening, that that is where this guy paid for the videos, but I’m NOT seeing videos for sale to members anywhere else.

This is all so strange, and vague! I’m totally against the company going into my private sessions and pulling video clips. We should be the ones making those choices, if we even want the service at all. Just the idea of it is disturbing! (and where the hell are they?! Have they been removed from OUR membership accounts, so we can’t see them?

Does anyone else find videos for sale anywhere?
If so, please let us know where.