I was doing pretty good when I started on Myfreecams

I was doing pretty good when I started on Mfc.. My camscore was actually going up a little.But the problem with me before was .. I didnt cam alot… Id leave for weeks and come back.. i wasnt stable.. to do go on mfc you gotta be stable… But for those who care…What will Help alot on mfc is

1. Never stay online for long periods of time making no money… if you stay and you havnt made any tips in 30mins/1hour its better to Log off and come back at a later time.. Staying online making no tips will screw you.SO Do privates, group shows,..anything to keep them tns rolling lol.

2. OFFLINE TIPS count almost as double as online tips so if you get skypeshow requests even when offline make sure they tip you while offline as much as possible.

3. Ask guys to rate you… Because ratings/comments do count in the score…So if they cant tip you ask them to atleast rate you.

4.This is a long term commitement… if you know you cant cam very much then , Mfc isnt for you because even top models are online 40hours + a week. Those guys need to see you ALL THE TIME or else they will tip an other model.

I did mad research on every website I worked on.. Then again like I said MFC isnt for me because I take breaks off camming too much and I cant work 40hours/week… But for someone who WANTS to work there… these things will make or break you.

And for those who dont want to be bothered with the camscore… then dont be bothered with it lolll

Myfreecams camscore caught my attention

the MFC camscore caught my attention and is a little concerning for me. I didn’t know SM doesn’t allow you to work on other sites but if I do well enough to have fun and make extra income ($74/month isn’t going to cut it…) then I am ok with that rule. Being non-nude was going to be tough, and I knew that from the start, I just am tired of crawling into bed extremely late on nights I work, sore as all get out (from dancing so much), having made less than a dollar. If people want to get *weird*, like I said, I’ll get kinky as fuck- just not for free dollars. I’ve tried my own games, tried a bunch of apps, changed my bio and tip menus multiple times, yet nothing seems to be my personal key to crack the code. It may be the site, it may be me. Either way, I’m going to try elsewhere to see if I can accomplish more. As far as hours go, I desperately want to get on during the day, but I have a day job that I make more than 25 cents an hour at, lol. If I could reset my damn internal clock, I could potentially wake up at like 4am EST, cam till 7-8am and then go to jobby, but… 4 am is an ungodly hour unless I’m awake from the day before.. Lol. I should push myself to try it at least once to see what the traffic is like, though, and stop being a baby about hating mornings. Thanks for the reply

Myfreecams is okish for me

Myfreecams is okish for me. I have blocked half of the world, am not a hustler, no full nudity in free chat but still there is always someone who buys something. There is so many people that there is something for everyone.

Free Members can be blocked and other than chaturbate they tend to leave to look elsewhere for freebies.

It is a troll show but so is naked. You just donĀ“t notice it because you have a large following there (ya….kinda watched you (

Smiley ;)

A busy site is one thing. I would like to know where currently are the most $$$

Like on cams.com (I want to leave only for the low rate) where I never have more than like 2 ppl in my room I am doing pretty ok as many of them buy.

I cannot stand sites like chaturbate where hundreds of grey trolls are watching you.

I had my first show on Myfreecams today

I had my first show on Myfreecams today and felt the community is more pro-tip than other communities I’ve cammed on such as Cam4 and Chaturbate. Surprisingly enough, I made 100 dollars in 45 minutes on Myfreecams today while simultaneously broadcasting the same exact webcam feed to Chaturbate. I made 201 tokens on CB (5 cents a token) and 998 on Myfreecams (10 cents a token). Though receiving tips are mostly based on performance, the community of the cam site does come into play at an enormous extent. For instance, on CB, I run into familiar users left and right, and most of those users DON’T tip.

I’ve found modeling independently can gain you more interest from clients and also money. I am a model for CMD and GirlsPrivatecam and things have been going incredibly well through those site listings. CamModelDirectory uses Payoneer which I honestly love. And GPC uses CC Bill which I have little experience with (because I have yet to cash out my earnings) but, transactions seem to run quite smoothly. After every ad listing I post, I receive inquiries within minutes from actually interested buyers, other than sitting on cam, wasting time and hoping someone will tip me.

Another tip for camsites is to disable PM’s from non premium users and to also charge a token fee for replying to private messages. I use auto reply on Myfreecams because I’ve noticed after today, even if I do block PM’s and the chat box from basics and guests, my PM inbox gets flooded hardcore. I find the auto reply toggle incredibly useful and include something like, “Thank you for the PM! A token gift of 5 will be required in order to chat with me personally. Enjoy the show!” Or on Chaturbate, I use a bot to update my rules every so often so my rules are automatically updated in the chat log and also in my bio.

I don’t think you should give up Myfreecams. Use camsites in your spare time and try to go entirely independent. Your traffic will mostly include interested clients who are willing to pay, rather than 100 users without tokens and 7 with.

Another tip, try dual streaming and muting your computer or laptop to avoid the two sites hear the tip sound. Also, broadcast on different windows, not tab to tab, so you can properly adjust the screen and respond to both properly.

Hope this all helps!