Imlive vs Livejasmin

I’m working on chaturbate for 8 months now, I’m male broadcaster, but I want to have second site to work on that is based only on private shows. So I can’t decide between this two which should I stay with.

I tried both. I hear many bad things about livejasmin but I found it easier to use site than imlive, and other broadcaster rooms looks very luxury so my mind say’s “hey, they have to earn a lot there !”.

But I didn’t like that I get this -10% and I couldn’t run they’re app on computer only broadcast on site so I finally deleted account there.

I tried imlive, still got account there but I found it’s very hard to use, chat is not transparent for me like on chaturbate – don’t remeber how it looks on livejasmin. I didn’t earn anything on bothsites.

So what You say, which should I choose ? Where I can earn more and get less chargebacks ?

Livejasmin used to be good but now it’s just gone down hill

Livejasmin used to be good but now it’s just gone down hill due to their strict rules.

1. No form of nudity in free chat (so no tips for tits).
2. You have to be visible on the feed at all times otherwise you get booted off live stream and get a warning. Too many warnings and your accounts shut down.

I’m a squirter so I have to drink a lot and drinking a lot means going to the loo more often. I went to the toilet, came back and they had booted me and gave me my first warning. When I spoke to admin they said if I need to leave the feed for any reason I have to log out then log back in again. Retarded!

Another girl I know, reached over to close her curtains and they booted her/gave her a warning LMFAO

3. Members rate your audio/video. If you get a low score they deduct 20% (10% for audio, 10% for video) of your earnings.

Not worth all the aggro imho

I started on Livejasmin

When i first started almost 2 years ago i started on Livejasmin, and yes the traffic is awesome, but it does not mean they spend money. And the Troll situation there is horrible , especially if you do not work for a studio and are American. I have been on SM for the past 5 mos. and it has been much better than LJ in many ways, but this month for me has been very slow. The slow down has allowed me to work on getting out on my own which is my goal this year.

I remember January being slow last year on LJ, i believe it is because everyone’s credit card statements come and they begin to pay off their Christmas. I usually picks up in February, so this month we have to be more creative, tweet a lot to drive traffic to yourself and to maybe reinvent your show.