Bongacams and camfuze

After all Camfuze’s not about white label under an affiliate program like I thought it was. Bongacams bought camfuze or they partnered and merged, I do not know details. I just know that I am immensely impaired by all this, and that contrary to what the support said, nothing is to be as it was before.

I do not know why they had to change the names of old users, it seems that it’s on purpose to get me started from scratch, it does not make any sense, but the truth is that my followers of camfuze disappeared, at least the names I knew No longer exist 

After much insistence bongacams changed my username to what I had previously, I have to wait with the hope of my old followers to search for it and come up to me, but as I said before it literally starts from scratch and it is so unfair.

I’ll try a few more weeks, but I’m disappointed, the system is so confusing, the site has the damn camscore that in my opinion, only serves “to break the legs of most models.”

I swear I’m trying, but I still can not sympathize with the bongacams system, for example creating a goal there is a total mess, In all the sites I know the model just have to set the value, the text in the description , Timeout and click start. On Bongacams does not exist a timeout option, and model has to write some variables to make her viewers see the goal. In this particular aspect, it looks like an amateur site, the goal setting is nothing automated.

Leo or someone from bongacams if you read this post, I apologize in advance and I want to make it clear that this is just my personal opinion, it is not defamation maneuvers or whatever they you think. Only nobody can make me like it and think that this system is better than the old camfuze, no, for me it is not Sorry

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