I had a site, beautiful, yes! but…..i needed updates. there were errors. I used the instant messenger application on their site. OVER 6 WEEKS AND the messages did not even read as “read” Iwas told that the webiste was a “service” they offered. that they were a payment processor.

if i bought a car, and needed “service” and not even acknowledged, that would not fly!

Also…..last payment was 10 days late. I was told that “sorry” they were behind. If my REAL LIFE job was a DAY late, you can bet I would be all over them. But IB only responded after numerous emails.

about the errors on my website…My skype chat didn’t work. email was WRONG. I had clients purchasing shows and I didn’t know it That gives an INDIE girl a BAD name.
Took Gerald 2 mins to fix once I got his skype ID an HOUNDED and HARAUNGED him.

with Indie Bill, they build your site, they maintain it. You cannot update yourself. also check out terms of service….scary………. So I went with I own everything about my site and Alex TAUGHT me how to build/maintain. sure an ongoing process–but better than waiting for an ETERNITY to fix minor things–not to mention other updates (z)

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