Would you be a good cam webcam model

I’ve written other posts that are somewhat similar to this topic, but this post is meant for people looking into getting into webcam modeling, not necessarily those already in the industry. If you’re thinking about getting into the industry, these are things that you should consider before making a decision. This job is not easy. It’s not quick, easy money. It takes time to build a reputation, rapport, and get the hang of the webcam industry. There’s a lot to learn. There’s a lot of dedication and time required to truly be successful. Remember that this is a saturated industry, and it takes skill and time to make bank. Don’t believe the ads that tell you that you can make $10,000 a week. Or a month. You won’t… at least not to start with, and probably never, unless you do everything right. Even then, it’s a crapsho

  1. Attitude

You must have a healthy view of sexuality (fetishes included) and of yourself to be successful. Confidence is key. If you have a flaw that makes you self-conscious, you need to own it or accept that the sex industry is not for you. If you’re easily grossed out hearing about other peoples’ weird sexual fetishes, this job most likely is not for you. Thick skin is a requirement. If you judge your potential customers, they’re not going to spend money on you. Don’t judge, and don’t be a bitch when a guy confides in you.

  1. Business Sense

Behind attitude, this the second most important thing you need to be successful. Everything you’ll do on a daily basis falls under this category. Customer service, sales, accounting, networking.. all of these things are imperative to financial success. I’m purposely being vague, but if you don’t know how to look up what business sense (or business acumen) is, you won’t be very successful in this industry. Just sayin’.

  1. Willingness to Learn

If you want to be successful, you’ll have to do a lot of research. Be ready to read and even take notes. Use Google and the forum search function before asking for help. You’re going to want help from seasoned veterans in the industry at one point or another. Check your ego at the door when you need help, and remember your manners when asking for it.

  1. Self-Motivation

When you work for yourself, you won’t make money if you don’t drag your ass out of bed in the morning (or afternoon). If you have trouble motivating yourself to go to work, start a research paper, getting to the gym… this job probably isn’t for you.

When will you post more pics to your story?

When I feel like it and I’m not driving/sick/otherwise busy.

In non-social media news, I am taking a somewhat spontaneous trip to Iceland next month. I’ll be in Iceland from the end of June until early July. I’m renting a car and driving around Reykjavik and the Golden Circle. I’m going to see some geysers and waterfalls and volcanoes and shit. I’m hoping to masturbate in a hot spring. Maybe they’ll recruit me for my genetic material and you’ll never hear from me again. Also, Air France sends their itineraries in French. What a bunch of assholes. Don’t they know we Americans don’t speak more than one language? (That was a joke.) If you have any recommendations for things to do or see in Iceland, shoot me an email at [email protected]

If you’re already bored, you should stop reading, because I’m going to be even more boring here. I just got back from New Orleans (again) for my trip to Jazzfest. It was not disappointing. I got to see Kermit Ruffins and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, the Dixieland Jazz Band, and several others. I skipped Christina Aguilera; I just couldn’t live with myself if I were able to say I’d attended an Xtina concert. I’d totally do her, though.

If I dont make money how am I gonna pay my bills*… because.. camming isnt a 100% income.. even if youve been making… 30…40..50…60+ an HOUR … for YEARSSS…. you dont know if the next month and next year will be AS good.. I think thats why Im so scared to STAYY into this buisness for a long time.. I do not want to be there the day its gonna go DOWN hill lolll..

Because when I think about it… after every night of work… Im happy.. Im not disgusted with my self… Im like Yayyy Ive made good money just working a few hours

But still everyday.. before I put my makeup on until I click on * Broadcast* I have that hesitation…

my personal experience as camModel

my personal experience as camModel and the experiences of the other girls in my Studio, ImLive has great model support service via phone in English, but traffic in the last 2 weeks has been horrible it was decent before then. Streamate has absolutely horrible model support still having major issues with them but enough of you say the traffic is often good although lower recently so okay I will try to get the issues resolved but I feel it might just be a further waste of my time trying to deal with Streamate at all — they have no phone model support and take 7 days to answer each complicated round of issues they always seem to impose on me. As a whole we are doing best on Jasmin at the moment with good traffic. Jasmin has superb Model support service and Studio support live 24 / 7 via typed chat in English. Happy holidays to all ! Jennifer xx

Many top cammodels are very chatty if you have watched them

Many top models are very chatty if you have watched them, talk to themselves…talk to members…just think of the common things they ask and just talk about them (I get asked alot if I’m hairy, how big my boobs are, do you have a strap on etc)…guys start to wonder who/what she is talking about. NO need for excessive touching but I do stand up from time to time. Even think about youtube livestreams (livestreams in general) the popular youtubers are chatty and are looking at the camera. You are the star of your room.

Gold shows are golden if one does them occasionally and the magic occurs to actually have people tip. I don’t sell videos either lol So I have no choice but to log off or put the breaker off. If I see 15-50 ppl watching me on the outside and no one coming to my room log off.

I don’t say hi to everyone, I mostly talk to fake ppl or regulars, the new guys rarely participate to the extent as regulars etc

I do have a mass message “Hi there, how are you?” so when others come in they think you are talking to them…works. I say hi boys etc Unless they are a regular

This is a hard job if your shy but sexy shy you can do okay.

My experience has been on iFriends & Streamate

My understanding is that ALL sites record us so they have a way to see if we are complying with the terms of our contract (bestiality, incest, vomiting, pain, etc.) This does not mean they have the time to monitor all the recordings, but if they get a report/complaint from someone, they can look at the tapes.

What you’re asking about is whether they SELL or use your paid sessions for promotion. Yes, they all do BUT when you sign-up, or any time after you sign-up* (see IMPORTANT note below) you can opt-out of having your recorded videos promoted.

Unfortunately, both sites I’ve worked on did not make it crystal clear that you have this option to opt-out. Our contract is phrased in legalese, so as a newbie you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into. AND I clearly remember iFriends having a note next to this option that said something like, “If you opt-out of this option you probably won’t get as many customers” Which it turned out was bullshit. What really happens is that THEY would be missing out on free advertising opportunity using your paid video sessions!

While I love camming, I also know that the sites are not there looking out for our best interests. WE have to be very careful in reading the contract & knowing what we’re getting ourselves into!

Back to your initial question, are there sites that won’t use my videos for public promotion or sell the videos. The answer is YES and NO.

YES you can opt-out of having your videos promoted. Both sites I worked on allow you to ‘Geo-block’ an area or an entire country where your stream will NOT be seen. By doing so you’ll keep your stream from being used for advertising. Yay! The reason why is, when the advertising campaign is broadcast around the world the camsite has no way to limit where your individual stream will be seen (or blocked in the Geo-blocking choice you selected =) so instead, they just don’t use your video at all. Geo-blocking protected you from being used in advertising =) =) =)

Selling your videos, that I can’t be so crystal clear about.
Personally, I do not have any experience in seeing my videos, or other models videos, being sold without their consent. There are lots of videos which have been screen captured (recorded) from some trolls computer and HE”s selling them for a profit, but I’m not aware of the camsites doing so without you authorizing it (or failing to opt-out because you weren’t aware you had to =( Again, it’s VERY important that you read & understand what your signing & agreeing to!

All camsites have a legal disclaimer that they cannot guarantee that your privacy or videos will not appear elsewhere on the internet. The site may take you off the roster of being used for promotions, but they have NO CONTROL over who may be recording your show from their computer, and then post it for money or just shits & grins on other websites!!!!!

Also, that part of the contract refers to if you FAILED to correctly make the right choices when you signed-up, and now you realize you want to have a geo-location blocked so you’re no longer being used in advertising, THE SITE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE DOWN YOUR PROMO VIDEOS THAT ARE ALREADY BEING USED IN THE ADVERTISING LOOP!!! The promo video of you taking a dildo in your ass will be used all over the internet, on the largest free porn site around, until they create a new ad campaign, which could be years!!!!

PS: while I try to protect my self in every way from being seen publicly, I want my camming to be rather private & very in control of where I’m seen & by whom, I also realize that there is NO WAY to be 100% protected. As I mentioned, there are people who pay for our show, record it, and post it wherever they like. Ultimately we have no real control over our privacy. So , if you’re worried about fucking your life up, or your families life up by camming, then don’t do it. Chances are that when your kids get to a certain age THEIR FRIENDS will find you, thereby making your kids a laughing-stock or worse. Don’t believe me? Search this teacher/MFCs model: Kristin Sundman or read the online article in New York Post (nypost com Title: amy-fisher-is-back-on-long-island-and-ready-for-a-fresh-start), about porn star/cam model Amy Fisher’s kids not having friends because of her porn life =(

I hope this information gives you a better understanding.

Bongacams and camfuze

After all Camfuze’s not about white label under an affiliate program like I thought it was. Bongacams bought camfuze or they partnered and merged, I do not know details. I just know that I am immensely impaired by all this, and that contrary to what the support said, nothing is to be as it was before.

I do not know why they had to change the names of old users, it seems that it’s on purpose to get me started from scratch, it does not make any sense, but the truth is that my followers of camfuze disappeared, at least the names I knew No longer exist 

After much insistence bongacams changed my username to what I had previously, I have to wait with the hope of my old followers to search for it and come up to me, but as I said before it literally starts from scratch and it is so unfair.

I’ll try a few more weeks, but I’m disappointed, the system is so confusing, the site has the damn camscore that in my opinion, only serves “to break the legs of most models.”

I swear I’m trying, but I still can not sympathize with the bongacams system, for example creating a goal there is a total mess, In all the sites I know the model just have to set the value, the text in the description , Timeout and click start. On Bongacams does not exist a timeout option, and model has to write some variables to make her viewers see the goal. In this particular aspect, it looks like an amateur site, the goal setting is nothing automated.

Leo or someone from bongacams if you read this post, I apologize in advance and I want to make it clear that this is just my personal opinion, it is not defamation maneuvers or whatever they you think. Only nobody can make me like it and think that this system is better than the old camfuze, no, for me it is not Sorry

I hate things about Cam Sites

1. Free chat – as girls above said. It may seem like a good idea but attracts loads of freeloaders that are not willing to pay. From my experience – I never ended my shift with $0.25 on PPM site, which happened on CB… On PPM sites I had members buying credits during the show with me (even couple of times), which never happened to me on free; it’s a win-win for a model and site 

Also, on free chat based sites it’s more possible to get recorded. If you can watch me on pirate sites for free, why would you pay?

2. Placement based mostly on how much you make. This way many girls get lost in the ocean.

3. Votings that require members to pay to vote. And ofc the only one who profits off of it is the site.

1) The new model period, I have spoken to a few new models about this and often the promoted period is wasted due to the model trying to learn how the site works in this time, a better option might be to allow a model to choose when their room is promoted or even allow them to have the room promoted 1 or 2 days every month through the use of a “promote my room” type button.

2) Personally I don’t have an issue with games in my room, it adds a little something, I often find that users like to take the gamble on winning a great prize or wining something that was a lower cost on the tip menu. But the games need to be well documented on how to set them up and how they are used correctly.

3)Sites that don’t allow camboys (obvious reasons).

4)Sites that alow members to pm for free, or in the case of chaturbate allow members to pay a monthly fee to be able to pm without tipping for it as these members seem to have a scene of entitlement.

5) Cam windows that do not resize, there is no need for my cam window to take up 50% of my screen.

6) sites that do not resize when the window size is changed. If i am working on more than 1 site then I like to stack my windows so I can see every room I am working in at the same time without having to to be constantly changing tabs.

7)Free loaders is a big issue with free chat sites, most of the ones I have seen the issue comes from they way they are marketed. ie/ watch live shows free – gives the guest there is no reason to pay for the site.

8)Sites that dont allow for a fully customized profile, most of us know that the best way to maxamize our income is to create create to brand our self’s, we have accounts over many services and it is important they we are able to match up the design as much as we can, having a basic generic profile takes away from the image that we work to try and build.

9)Sites that promote other sites while I am working (you may have realized that every one of these issues is something that is on chaturbate, that is the site where I am working). After looking at chaturbates advertising prices I am fairly certain that their main priority is not to have models making money but to have models there so they can push the free loading guests to the site, (they have run campaigns like “never pay for live cams again” obviously I cant determine if it was them or an affiliate, but campaigns like this will inflate the guest count which inflates the sites stats which means they can charge more for the ad’s they run on the page. A cam site should be focused on getting members that spend money on the site, not a place to inflate traffic for ad sales (sorry little ranty but this one bugs the crap out of me).

10)Sites that dont offer to help with content take downs. This effects my earnings as well as the sites so I really dont understand why more sites dont offer to help with this.

As for your question about a good affiliate program, ppl + lifetime revshare is always my favorite affiliate system. Where the lead gives a $1-2 comission and the revshare set at 5-10% of the customers spend, or in the case of model sign ups a $5-10 payment for the sign up with a 5-10% rev share on the models earnings. With affiliate marketing just as important as the affiliate program is having affiliate managers that know the business and can offer advice to those getting started with the program as well as help with things such as link tracking, setting conversion tracking etc along with good marketing materials such as banner ad’s and pop unders for both mobile and desktop.

Things that I hate about cam sites

Things that I hate about cam sites:
1.Stop catering to cheap customers
2.Giving below 40 percent. ( 40 percent and above is something that you could work with.)
3.Having crappy customer service reps
4.Allowing customers to get away with bad behavior
5. Lack of proper marketing and not knowing how to develop a proper marketing plan.
6.Lack of proper customer service skills.
7. Having a contest every 5 seconds.
8. Not catering to fetish and vanilla equally. I mean not all of us are into vanilla stuff.
10. Having a bad affiliate program.

i ONLY want to do skype for the generous over $100.

i ONLY want to do skype for the generous over $100. with unlimited time(no per minute). relax n chill. i make the min payout i get my $$ no doing multiple shows to get min payout. i have no patience. lol
the guy have a good time with no rush and just can relax.

i hate doing privates per minute on regular camsites..
but if he a regular and support my chat on camsites
and wants to skype then sure for ALONE TIME

otherwise for ME it’s pointless to skype
i rather just hangout on sites

side note: yes in the past i tried and did use Skype for shows. i found i make more $$ on sites. vs skype.
but everybody work it different.

As a ‘members only’ model on streamate

As a ‘members only’ model on streamate, I’m not seen on the SM public home page. So to find out where I’m placing on the site, I must sign-in as a member too. Then I can see where I’m placing on the site. For this reason, unless you sign-in with a member account you won’t ever see me on Streamate or it’s other white page portals or advertising (If you find online videos of me, I’d love to get the link so they can be taken down, please)

FYI: just because you’re on line 5 on the public home page doesn’t mean that’s what the members see when signed-in, ready to spend money. I’m guessing that about 15% of models are ‘members only’. So when you sign-in to SM as a member you’ll see your placement actually drop a line or more because of all the ‘hidden’ models that will suddenly appear – but only after you’ve signed-in as a member.

Does that clarify how the site works?