Attention ladies snapchat

As someone that grew up ugly and was bullied to the point of nearly dropping out of middle school (I didn’t, for the record), I take great pride in how far I’ve come. Not just in my appearance, but in terms of what I’ve accomplished. To some, my chosen profession is not a positive. To me, it’s among the best decisions I’ve ever made. Because of this, I don’t take offense when people call me names like “whore” or “slut”. I consider these terms of endearment, and though they weren’t meant to be taken that way, I choose to receive them as compliments. Which brings me to my point…

Ladies, I’m not snapping naked pictures to your boyfriend/husband/fuck buddy/the guy you wish was your boyfriend. Your guy made a conscious decision to follow my public feed. That doesn’t make us friends, it doesn’t make me a homewrecker, nor does it mean that he loves you any less. I didn’t look him up on Facebook and ask for his Snapchat ID. I didn’t actively seek him out. In fact, I don’t respond to the vast majority of messages I receive. I still don’t know who you are when you tell me you’re “Nick’s girlfriend”. Maybe you should tell him how you feel instead of me.

I can imagine it feels really shitty feeling self-conscious about your stretch marks while your boyfriend is getting off looking at Snapchat stories of hotter women. You may pity yourself and bitterly reflect that you were hot before you carried around your boyfriend’s child for nine months, but the truth is, it’s probably your fault. I realize that some guys are abusive assholes that do this type of thing specifically to hurt their women, but for the most part, guys just like to look. And chances are, if you’re too busy making excuses for not being the best you can be (in every way, not just physically), he’s going to be more likely to look around. In other words, get off your lazy ass and go to the gym. Learn to put on makeup. Eat healthy. Can’t afford a gym membership? Go to Target, buy some weights and buy a copy of Fitness magazine. Then do it. Don’t sit around and whine about how you used to be hot and skinny. Or don’t, and shut the fuck up and quit complaining when your boyfriend looks at other girls naked. It’s your choice.

Want your man to want you? Here are some tips on how to accomplish that:

1. Go to the gym, as mentioned. Talk with a trainer.

2. Ask him what he likes sexually without judgment, then be willing to try it. By judgment, I mean no eyerolling, sighs, or responding with “oh.” or “lol”.

3. Quit eating shitty food. The simpler the food, the better. Stop eating so much ice cream.

4. Learn to put on makeup.

5. Give head. Get good at it.

6. Shave often.

7. Shower. Be clean.

8. Actually have sex with him. I don’t care if your libido is low, find a way to make it higher. Look at porn or Ryan Gosling or whatever. Or other girls, if that works for you.

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