As a ‘members only’ model on streamate

As a ‘members only’ model on streamate, I’m not seen on the SM public home page. So to find out where I’m placing on the site, I must sign-in as a member too. Then I can see where I’m placing on the site. For this reason, unless you sign-in with a member account you won’t ever see me on Streamate or it’s other white page portals or advertising (If you find online videos of me, I’d love to get the link so they can be taken down, please)

FYI: just because you’re on line 5 on the public home page doesn’t mean that’s what the members see when signed-in, ready to spend money. I’m guessing that about 15% of models are ‘members only’. So when you sign-in to SM as a member you’ll see your placement actually drop a line or more because of all the ‘hidden’ models that will suddenly appear – but only after you’ve signed-in as a member.

Does that clarify how the site works?

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