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Making a smart move of activating McAfee protection when the data is highly exposed to the cyber risks is what the digital world needs. Where the computers and mobiles are becoming daily essentials, people are not paying much attention to install McAfee antivirus on devices knowing how dangerous it can be if security measures are not taken.GET STARTED

No matter if you keep any personal media or data on your phone or computer’s personal storage and synchronize it to cloud, it can easily be access when any of your devices is connoted with the internet. Although, it is not practical to keep shut off the internet connection, you need to update the device periodically. Data can be breached even while sending and receiving files.

To suspend intruding of viruses, malicious activities, or any other threat actions, you need to install McAfee antivirus on computers and phones. You can also download Free McAfee trial version that comes with a validity of limited days. One you exceed the trial period; make sure to subscribe to a product, as you will no longer have security features active on the device.

If the subscription reached the last date, renew it to continue having protection layers. To know how to renew the product, follow the steps below.

Renew subscription & get McAfee activate

  1. Go to and Sign in/ Sign up
  • McAfee retail card users need to sign up in case they do not have an existing account
  1. On the main page, enter the activation key in the field and continue
  2. When prompted, scroll up at the top McAfee My Account page and select My Account
  3. Click Subscriptions
  4. Press ‘All expired’ and check the list of products you used, and how many of them are expired subscriptions
  5. Else, click View active to see all subscriptions that are still active
  6. Find product(s) you want to renew from the subscription list and click Renew
  7. Proceed with the on-screen instructions

After you complete the subscription, you receive an email containing a unique McAfee activation code. If you want the software to get automatically renewed or to stop auto renewal, find instruction here.

Turn on-Turn off McAfee auto renewal

  1. From, go to your McAfee My account
  2. Scroll up to the top of Account page and select My Account
  3. Click ‘Auto-Renewal Settings’ option
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to turn auto-renew on or off

Common McAfee errors

  • Error message- McAfee framework service is missing/ disabled
  • Invalid license
  • McAfee activation cannot continue
  • Errors while installing updates
  • McAfee rule engine error
  • Device not compatible
  • Server error
  • McAfee firewall Turn on/ Turn off error
  • McAfee blocked by administrator

Other than mentioned errors, it is possible that users will see error codes instead of messages. When you stuck with such issues, go to to determine if the software is activated or mot. As an initial step to remove any error, keep the subscription updated, so you receive timely notifications with all the latest updated and make changes as per the need.