Fetish: agalmatophilia

Yeah. Seriously. Maybe this is why in recent years they’ve started creating mannequins with anatomically correct nipples. I’m guaranteeing most men, at some point in their lives, have gotten a boner and thought “damn, if only that were a real person..”. Anyways, I’m lumping the doll fetish and mannequin fetish into the same category, so bear with me. I reserve the right to branch them off into two separate fetishes at a later date, though.

Agalmatophilia itself is the sexual attraction to dolls, whether those dolls are Real Dolls, Barbies, or statues. As with any fetish, a person’s specific desires vary. One person may dress a mannequin up just to admire it, another may actually have sex with it; it all depends on the person. If you’ve ever seen the movie Lars and the Real Girl, you know how innocent this fetish can be.

The mannequin fetish is a very specific branch of agalmatophilia. I’ve found that fetishists generally enjoy the control that comes with changing the mannequins posture, clothing, and appearance in general.

I have a couple of theories about why some people are agalmatophiliacs. For starters, a doll or mannequin can’t reject you. Second, they also have inhumanly perfect measurements. Unless you see them at H&M. In that case their measurements are a little more realistic. Also, apparently Lady Gaga is a mannequin fetishist. You may have heard recently that she requires that a mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair on tour with her at all times. I have no idea what that could possibly be used for. But she’s probably just completely batshit insane. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that Valeria Lukyanova (you may know her in the news as the Barbie girl) has some sort of doll fetish, or she’s just a great example of a person with body dysmorphic disorder. She is not to be confused with the similarly creepy Anastasiya Shpagina. Creepy. As. Fuck.

That’s about all I’ve got on this one for now. There are a few movies that I can think of that relate to this topic, so watch them if you want.

Movies Featuring Agalmatophilia:

Lars and the Real Girl
The Cell
Clockwork Orange (the Moloko Milk Bar scene)

Fetish: katoptronophilia

Yeah, I can pronounce it, either. I couldn’t even guess what it is if you put the word in front of me. But anyway, katopronophilia is a fancy fucking word for saying you like to fuck in front of mirrors.

I have to assume that Louis XIV was a katopronophiliac. For all you uncultured people that have no idea what I’m talking about, this guy built an entire hallway out of mirrors in his palace at Versailles. It’s called the Hall of Mirrors.

My personal opinion on this is that it’s easier for people to feel as though they are watching or in porn by having mirrors around during sex. Being a narcissist myself, I also know that some people get off on looking at themselves. Like Patrick Bateman. Chances are, if you’re doing this during sex, you have a problem.

Fetish: quicksand fetish

This one falls under the more generic “damsel in distress” category, for the most part. If you aren’t sure what that is, it’s pretty easy to figure out. Think of the original Super Mario Brothers game- Princess Peach is at the other castle, held captive by Bowzer… only with more jerking off.

Some Quicksand Fetishists simply enjoy mud. Sinking in it, to be exact. There are even maps with good mud sinkholes plotted out for the benefit of other fetishists. This may be for their own enjoyment or to watch someone sink. Specific soils may even play a large role in their fantasy. Yeah, bear with me, it’s kind of unusual…

Stucking, the fetish I wrote about a few weeks ago, is also kinda similar to the quicksand fetish, in that a lot of people are interested in the struggle to get out of the quicksand. Usually, total immersion in the water triggers (or symbolizes) orgasm. However, some guys get off on being the hero and saving the damsel is their main motive. Besides cumming.

Fetish: stuckage

Fetish: stuckage
I’d never heard of this one until today when someone emailed me, and I thought it was so fucking awesome I had to write about it.

Stuck fetishists get turned on by people (especially women) stuck in small places. For instance, a girl stuck in a dog door or a manhole. Judging by the research I’ve done, “stuckers” (as I will now call them) tend to prefer petite, well-endowed women, because the bigger your tits, hips, and ass, the more likely you are to get stuck. The stuck fetish is kind of an offshoot of the “Damsel in Distress” fetish, where people are excited by the idea of a woman in danger, whether it’s imminent (like sinking in quicksand) or something more benign, like being stuck in a dryer. Or the back of a Volkswagen.

Streamate ain’t paying millions in shit

This is a big load of horse shit. Streamate ain’t paying millions in shit. How in the fuck are they going to talk about taking customers off of Streamate when they allow these chicks to give away content for gold shows. FYI, you have to serve that content on your own servers. This means that you have to give the person a download link which takes the person off of the site. The only content you can send through Streamate is pictures. I guess it’s ok to do that because they are getting 65% for nothing. You’re the one who has to pay for the hosting of your content and Streamate is getting that 65% free and clear. That’s why I won’t sell my good content there. They don’t want to spend the money to add a feature to the site so you can offer streaming videos to your customers like the other cam sites. Also they have a deal with these porn stars and chicks who have their own membership sites. They put a link to that person’s site and that performer agrees to give members who join her site a discount on private chats. Every time someone joins that membership site through Streamate then streamate gets affiliate commission for it. So again how in the fuck are they going to talk about traffic leaking. All of the traffic leaking is comming from them not the performers. If they were smart they would let us have a video library like the other cam sites but they don’t want to do it because they don’t want to pay the money to add the feature and then have to give you your percentage like the other cam sites.

Oh yeah I forgot, all this PayPal and doing cam show off site came from these fucking studios that they think so much of. I started on Streamate in 2006 and was hearing about this back then. It was the studio chicks doing this shit. They were doing shows off site, begging for money, and trying to get guys to send them money and promising to do anything if the guy paid for them to come to the US. You’re always going to have chicks that try and pull guys to another platform but a lot of this shit on Streamate doesn’t happen on other cam sites. It’s like a free for all on Streamate. I wonder who’s going to be still standing when the dust clears.

Who in the hell is Jayda Diamonde anyway. She’s not looking out for any of us. She’s looking out for her own pocket. That Cam Sharks is Streamate plain and simple but with her name on it. She sure name it right, she’s a shark just like the rest of them.

MyFreeCams and Chaturbate are doing so well

Sites need to recognize that part of the reason MyFreeCams and Chaturbate are doing so well is because they allow models to link off site.
I think that these cam sites are becoming more like advertising venues and tools for conducting camshows.
The old model of a camsite providing ALL the traffic and paying customers started to disappear with Twitter… and the easier that it gets to build your own site and blog…
Beginner cammodels will always need the structure of camsites like StreamMate, and getting established and started is harder than ever because the zillions of camsites dilute the paying traffic ever more… It there were still only 4 or 5 “big” camsites to work, StreamMate might have a point. If Twitter didn’t exist to promote yourself through…

But regardless, guys find us… and then they directly ask, saying “hey, you can find me under this screenname elsewhere”… is THAT technically stealing customers?

I registered for Streammate and only worked one hour. The thought of making only 35% was too much in my head. I can’t work a site that I don’t feel good about promoting to guys.

Camscore is kinda tricky

Camscore is kinda tricky but even at 1200 you’re still about 90% approx higher than the average camscore.

What helps to check how you rank is looking at mycamgirl.net. Once you look at your states and look at how many models have logged in within the last 90 days, you’ll realize you’re not doing all that bad in comparison.

Most models compare their camscores to the top 100 which is anywhere between 10,600 to 142,000 but remember that’s the top 100 which usually has a camscore that’s 10-30x higher than the average.

My suggestion is start with smaller tips and work your way up. Try doing skype shows for tips but be aware of the time. I’d suggest a timer ap just to make sure no one goes over the time they paid for. Remember if that member was in a private on the site he would have no issues closing that private in your face if it became to costly for him.

Now my room seems to get up to roughly 125 people but 99% of those members have no tokens, have no intention of tipping if they do or are waiting for someone in my room to tip that tends to always tip. So for me anyways more members in my room doesn’t translate to higher income. Only the members that spend on me can do that. Surely the more visible you are on the page , it’s likely you’ll be discovered by a new member that may just like what he sees. The point is that it’s not always fool proof.

I tend to make the most with almost no members in my room or right when I log in. Then I log out because I can see my room fill up with non spenders. So point is they’ll do the “what do you charge for skype, or any other ridiculous question because they want to give the allure of ” I may want to spend on you, talk to me”.

Another thing that I have noticed in my return to MFC is how my room fills up randomly when I’m not doing anything naughty. I finally realized that members that tip tend to have their own entourage even if they don’t know about it. What I mean is that members follow them into rooms where there’s an obvious goal because they know if he likes what he sees he’ll tip that goal down. So the broke guys just follow these members around the site from the lounge or from room to room.

Also group. Make sure if someone takes you group that it always had the minimum 3 people. If it drops down to 2 or 1 it will affect your camscore. When I signed up for my own premium account just to see what it’s like from the other side I realized some members coordinate with others to do group. One guy messaged me and asked me to get group going in some model’s room. So I popped in the group to get it started but obviously left. What I realized is that the member in question wanted his own $1.00 per min private ( $0.50 per min to the model) = Not good.

Yes some members want the most bang for their buck but a buck or two is likely to be the only thing they do give.

Camscore is mostly based on tokens and time logged in. Ohh and no those “rated and admired” comments do absolutely nothing. So anyone popping in to tell you they rated and admired you typically didn’t at all but they want to say “I’m broke please give me attention!!!”.

I took that feature off my profile yet some dingleberry still pops in with “rated and admired!”. lol

PMs now some models leave the feature open but honestly 99% of the pms you receive will be “hi”. Yes that’s it. lol The other will be ” I can help you learn mfc” types. It’s just a broke guy that wants to give you his award winning advice on how to bring in tokens that he has no intentions of ever spending himself. Haa those types are funny.

So for PMs I suggest charging something small for your friend’s list. If that lot of members abuses the pm feature raise it. You will always get “I can’t seem to pm you”. That member is well aware that he can’t because he’s not on your friend’s list and had no intentions of spending a dime but he’ll make a scene in your room about it. Just tell him to go back to your profile and he’ll eventually just leave.

I had my first show on Myfreecams today

I had my first show on Myfreecams today and felt the community is more pro-tip than other communities I’ve cammed on such as Cam4 and Chaturbate. Surprisingly enough, I made 100 dollars in 45 minutes on Myfreecams today while simultaneously broadcasting the same exact webcam feed to Chaturbate. I made 201 tokens on CB (5 cents a token) and 998 on Myfreecams (10 cents a token). Though receiving tips are mostly based on performance, the community of the cam site does come into play at an enormous extent. For instance, on CB, I run into familiar users left and right, and most of those users DON’T tip.

I’ve found modeling independently can gain you more interest from clients and also money. I am a model for CMD and GirlsPrivatecam and things have been going incredibly well through those site listings. CamModelDirectory uses Payoneer which I honestly love. And GPC uses CC Bill which I have little experience with (because I have yet to cash out my earnings) but, transactions seem to run quite smoothly. After every ad listing I post, I receive inquiries within minutes from actually interested buyers, other than sitting on cam, wasting time and hoping someone will tip me.

Another tip for camsites is to disable PM’s from non premium users and to also charge a token fee for replying to private messages. I use auto reply on Myfreecams because I’ve noticed after today, even if I do block PM’s and the chat box from basics and guests, my PM inbox gets flooded hardcore. I find the auto reply toggle incredibly useful and include something like, “Thank you for the PM! A token gift of 5 will be required in order to chat with me personally. Enjoy the show!” Or on Chaturbate, I use a bot to update my rules every so often so my rules are automatically updated in the chat log and also in my bio.

I don’t think you should give up Myfreecams. Use camsites in your spare time and try to go entirely independent. Your traffic will mostly include interested clients who are willing to pay, rather than 100 users without tokens and 7 with.

Another tip, try dual streaming and muting your computer or laptop to avoid the two sites hear the tip sound. Also, broadcast on different windows, not tab to tab, so you can properly adjust the screen and respond to both properly.

Hope this all helps!

I have seen a girl on naked

I think I have seen a girl on naked. Watched a lot of cams recently to learn the secret (I did not learn it though….) of a successful camgirl.

She had no sound and constantly restarted her broadcast. She was attacked by some guys claiming she was a recording.

Someone was typing/changing her topic etc. I did not suspect it can even be a fake as the person typed very broken English and did not act likeable at all.

She definitely made more than minimum wage so in theory it is possible it was a fake.

I think it is short term success only and you will not get real fans like this.

Right now they stopped selling the product. That said….there will be new products, each new product more superior than the last.

Thank you for sharing the information, very interesting.

Cam Decoy – death of the camgirl?

This truly worries me. I know it has been around for a while, but how can anyone not wonder where exactly all our customers are going when the sites are still profiting? http://amanda36c.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/cam-decoy-where-have-all-the-camgirls-gone/ Is it really time for us all to go independent? Looking carefully, there are a lot of big sites offering these and beyond what we’re able to catch, have gone as far as to use girls’ Twitter accounts in keeping up with the charade. I’m not here to feed the gossip column. I didn’t create this program, after all, but you have to wonder what kind of money is involved in this should it get out of hand (I fear it already has, with some sites) and what kind of money we are all losing, as a result of it. The sites have finally found a way to not have to pay us a dime. We have all seen the schemes to bring our commissions down. Does anyone here think they would not stoop this low? Read the article and watch the video. Google the program and see what’s being said about it. This is quite sophisticated and for the camgirl, very enlightening.

The ONLY way to stop this is if all camgirls turn to Skype to do their shows. Independents, as a group, can take back our industry. We can work alone or as a group. We need to start looking at our options when we start to see depleting traffic to our rooms, yet see some performers with mass traffic, in comparison.

I know. I have been watching the evolution of this industry since 1997.