Different types of Phone Sex companies out there:

Different types of Phone Sex companies out there:

1. Dispatch companies – the company handles all the advertising. A dispatcher (or an automated system) collects the caller’s payment information and routes the calls to you. Pay is between 30 cents to 4.99 per min. Many dispatch companies expect you to be able to portray many types of characters. Dispatch companies known as ‘Call Back’ companies, will require you to call the customer back to do the call, and therefore require that you have an unlimited long distance service calling plan on your phone line. Most require either a set schedule or at least 20 hours per week. Some dispatch companies offer you 5.00 dollars for a 15 min block.

2. Direct Dial or Trolling companies -Pay between 1.10 to 5.99 per min. You must look for customers on your own. You must troll in chat rooms, social media, and other places for clients. Require 25 to 70 hours per week to work. You market, blog, and sometimes do credit card processing yourself. ( I learned how to take credit cards and dining cards this way.)

3. Combo (combination) companies – Pay between 99 cent to 3.99 per min. You can troll for your own customers but it is less of issue. Require 25 to 40 hours per week to work.

Tips: Make friends with both dispatcher and owner because they will give you more calls.
Try to see if you could bring your characters with you. ( You will have more control over your own character.)
Try to market yourself twice a week.
Remember to always create a college age character.
Do not let your dispatcher bully you into taking customers you do not like.
Taboo can make you a lot of money and gain you tons of calls.

some tips for getting hired with dispatch phone sex companies

Here are some tips for getting hired with dispatch phone sex companies:

Getting hired at dispatch companies is just as hard as ever. However, some of the things you need to do before applying and working for those companies are.

1. Research the companies before applying.

2. Read up on different fetishes.

3. Make sure you meet your own needs before the company.

4. Built relationship with both dispatch and the boss ( Helps your career and your profit)

5. Try to built a great clientele.

6. Make sure you get paid on time.

7. Stay away from the companies with drama.

8. Make sure you also have listings at niteflirt and other indie platforms as well.

9. Ask if the owner is willing to do findom because many of them frown on this fetish.

10. Create your character within a week of working there.

11. Make sure that you are comfortable with no taboo phone calls.

12. Make sure that you pick companies that pay between 50 cent to 1.99 per min for newbies.

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13. Try not to get on the Phone sex black list.

iFriends VS IMLive

Imlive sounds terrible. ifriends does do charge backs and if the viewers don’t pay, you pay! Out of your 10% reserves.

With GPO you can only earn 35%. If the traffic were like it used to be then 35% wouldn’t be too bad.

You can earn 100% proceeds if you use your promo url. Even still, the show can be refunded and you will have to pay for someone to see you out of your reserves.

In the end it leaves you only trusting people you know but how do you know who they are if your new? How do you know if they are new? Well you can check badges and star ratings but that takes time and most times ruins the flow of conversation because the guys see you looking at it so they think they are boring you but really your trying to figure everything out and click everything fast enough to respond. 15% of the time it costs you money/viewer.

So those risk factors are still there. A lot of uploaded videos go missing as well. 

 and viewers can download your videos. As for the free option.

I have experienced cruel racism on ifriends too so they have that in commen with imlive if that was going on like you say there. Don’t put your defenses down yet. Hopefully you never have to experience it on the level I did.

There is a thread on WCG about ifriends. To prepare yourself check there. Lots of great tips. I don’t see anything being posted lately by WCG about site changes but maybe they will come up with something exciting and inspiring this year. Good Luck. go Get em tiger. 

Ifriends is better depending what you want you

Ifriends is better depending what you want you: you can block guest chat and do private only so it is TRUE private 

 Seems to be busiest est 10pm-3am weekends especially but it is def a slow site—since I almost never do free. 2 or 3 times in 3 years for me. But I’ve decided to try free once every free months you never know lol but I don’t cause I don’t need to, prefer to have it on mute and watch movies etc.

On Imlive guests, members with no credits and members can chat. You have to mute individually and you will have to do that ALOT (trolls, racists, and freeloaders). Imlive customers are cheap generally and don’t want to pay anything more than 1.98, but I stick to charging 3.80 

Occasionally some good shows but my goal on there is 100/month haha. On ifriends, I have no goal cause the site surprises me alot ! So far my best site this month.

You can do GPO or 50%. I go with 50% and I make sure if someone joins my show they have 3-5 circles. If they only have one circle. I might end the show as I prefer trusted members that spends and pays the site instead of a fly by night ‘new’ member who has no intention of paying.

Hope that helps and get it going 

the interactive toy shows

This is a great point to be made, also the guys who like the interactive toy shows tend to be small tippers, they want their measly amount of tokens to make you cum. Sure the small amounts can add up if you have multiple guys tipping 1 token at a time but these guys don’t care about you reaching your goal, they want to get you to cum as many times as they can while spending as little as possible. Their potential to become a regular supporter is little to none.

If you do invest in an interactive toy, I would only use it once every 5 or so broadcasts, just so your followers don’t think that’s how you run each of your shows. Or use it only during cum shows (the dildo/vibrator model, not the panties) so that they can enhance the experience by sending extra tips. I’ve watched too many girls practically give “free” public cum shows because they made $3 in single token tips using their interactive toy, for them to appeal to me in the slightest.

I can see how the toys appeal to those who distaste just sitting in their rooms chatting with the custies, it’s definitely an incentive to get the cheapasses to tip the tokens they hold onto like gold even though they’re only worth a few dollars, but I wouldn’t want to solely attract those guys to my broadcasts and have my fan base built from them.

why proxy/vpn is allowed on liveJasmin

In fact, the former CEO of liveJasmin and AWEmpire explained why proxy/vpn is allowed, but this is not important. He is a 5stars person, but unfortunatelly he moved to Streamate’s European Operations along with all his companies too. One way for your gf not to be sneekpeaked is to accept only 2Way Privates, which are exclusives and do not allow sneekpeeks. She can paste regularly a standard message on her chatroom announcing members this and doing non-nude shows in her normal Privates. But THE BEST WAY to have an Exclusive Private and without unwanted peekars, is to BLOCK the private. Some girls block the normal Privates and you can’t peep at them 

 Easy peasy, problem solved.

On Chaturbate there are a few people camming with masks

On Chaturbate there are a few people camming with masks or not showing their face on cam at all. It’s like cam4 in the sense that it is a token site with nudity showing in free chat.
And just like cam4, your Chaturbate shows will always be recorded by bots and by other people. Sometimes they capture private show recordings.
While I understand your concerns about the consequences of camming, I personally think it’s wise to imagine that these possible scenarios will happen to you before jumping into the world of camming (or any kind of sex work), even if you are only doing this casually.

If your information is leaked, could you handle having your naked pictures (even if they’re faceless) next to your real name and home address?
If you are outed, could you handle losing your family, friends, and future romantic relationship because of it?
Are you able to risk losing a full-time job in the future, should your real name turn up links to your adult works on any search engine?

If these questions make you uncomfortable, maybe it’s time to reconsider this part-time job. Please think about it as it is best to tackle these issues now rather than later. Your risk of unwanted exposure only increases as time goes on.

Also, be wary of mirrors– I had stupidly kept a mirror at the side of my bed, and when I walked away from the cam, I would take off my mask and people were able to see my face 

Smiley :P

 I no longer use a mask, so these things aren’t a problem any more.

free chat on camsite

Some models are skype only and do very well and that rarely ever has a free preview.

Most camsites have photosets, videos etc that’s what a profile is for. It definitely CAN be more time vs hourly earning efficient, if you’re popular. But when you can spend DAYS making nothing on a free cam site because everyone just wants to hang out with you, I feel I could be using that time better than that. Sites without free chat, usually have more in depth profiles to help guys decide who they want to take private beforehand and when I’m not in a show it’s a lot easier to work on promoting my shows, which also helps entice guys, than trying to entertain a room full of people who never intend to pay but I don’t know that so I hustle pointlessly.

I only go on free chat sites that don’t allow any nudity like streamate, traffic may not be as much as a free chat site at times but at least the guys who do show up are more likely to go private since they can’t get anything in free and it allows me time to promote during holding times.

My point, if you work sites that don’t have free chat right (promoting yourself with videos, pics, etc, having a detailed profile), they are just as effective as a free chat site, if not more.

free chat = people can preview you b4 buying a show or tip

Hyori i can see what u mean. free chat = people can preview you b4 buying a show or tip… but do they need to preview all day everyday for free?

the traffic there cause it’s free open chat and shows..of course its traffic.. for FREELOADERS.i look in the rooms be more free users then paying ones. even tho some DO meet there goals $$wise.. still had a room full of freeloaders who watched for free.
if they need a PREVIEW that’s what videos are for pictures.social media..so when us ladies go live on cam ..they should be ready for a show! a paid show…or mayb for a limit of time free preview the video screen? or let models have an OPTION. ? to have free open chat all day and night 24/7 for users is pointless. over all i feel like ALL CAMSITES SHOULD HAVE NO FREE CHAT.(shrugs) cant stand freeloaders. show tits bb..lol ugh
this just my opinion and thoughts.. some ladies LOVE free chat..Some DONT. i guess it depends.and what works for others

I disagree with all this negging of free chat sites

I disagree with all this negging of free chat sites. When you go buy a car, do you expect to pay a salesperson before you purchase the car? Free chat is a way to assess your customer and determine your strategy on how to nab him as a paying customer. You can find out from the start whether or not he’s in it for long haul or if he’s just a waste of time asshole. Paid chat is nice but I can guarantee it takes much longer to gain regulars. The men on paid chat sites usually feel entitled to treating you however they see fit. Free chat sites you can ban them. Free chat sites have way more traffic so they can be more time versus hourly earnings efficient than paid chat. Remember you can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.