15 sites is a must have for sites that are without freecam

15 sites is a must have for sites that are without freecam πŸ™‚
many german girls drive 30 cams the same time,
they use 2-3 Laptops or Desktops, and 1-2 Screens,
I use 1 screen and switch it with a screen switch
this much cams at the same time is needed,
cause they is possible that you have only 2-3 guests the whole day!! in one camsite and earn for example 5 Euro ( 8 USD) the whole day,
when you drive the cam 14 hours πŸ™‚
I work on the PC on other projects (i write a Book for example)
and so i am at the PC and when nobody is in my cams its no problem
its a complete other working as freecamworking
with freecam-working its hard to do many cams the same time,
its very much stress and need much experience,
so that the user dont feel this “beside working”
ok -when you use many “notfreecam”-sites, it doesnt matter how much
traffic they have, cause you dont “waiting” for user smiling in the cam…
you begin to work when you gets the signal – and in the other time
you do what you want
i have cams in my actual cam-set they bring only 100 Euros in the month,
but its easy money, and i dont have to make a head about it

Yes you have to use to split the cam-signal
manycams is good, or splitcam
in Germany the visitx videosplitter ist standard, cause visitx is a german site and programmed in the early camsite years a own splitter-software, called
visitx-videosplitter, you can download it from the visitx site,
or when you need, i can make an exlusive download link here

The average percentages are around 25%,
on big7 too, not much different between the sites,
but it doesnt matter if it 20 or 30%
when a site is good, and have 20%, its better than a dead site with 30%
in the same way you have to manage your own price if its possible to
adjust it on the site, when you new its a good idea to set it high if possible

i love the work on nonfreecam-sites, so i search us-cams, they got this feature, imlive have the possiblity to send without freecam,
eventually you have a tip which cams do the same
on the big sites mostly the girls must serve freecam,
its a whole another earning philosophy to operate with freecam-guests
and make them to paying members for your show

if you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask me
im sure i have a lot questions here too…:-)

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